Why you should visit to Gardens by the Bay this Christmas

I've been living in Singapore for almost 4 years and I never regretted the decision I made 5 years ago. I was on the fence with going to Singapore for studies and to Australia for my Bachelor's degree. I never really went out on Christmas during my past 3 years and I was mostly travelling back in Myanmar whenever it was Christmas. 
This year, I decided to stay in Singapore to travel around a bit more in the bustling country and take photos of my experiences in this country. I went to Gardens by the Bay last weekend with the boy just to look around and take photos and I was blown away with how pretty the set up was. So, before Christmas and New Years were over, I want to share with you why you should visit to Gardens by the Bay this Christmas!

  • It is not that crowded

Despite the fact that I went to Gardens by the Bay on weekends, it wasn't very crowded at all. I went to Orchard today since it was a day after Christmas, I totally regretted the decision. It was crowded everywhere I go, cannot get tables from my favourite places of food, long queues to make payments and long queues everywhere! 
On the other hand, Gardens by the Bay was not that crowded as you anticipated. If you go in the evening before sunset, you can see the night lights from the sky trees and it is much cooler than in the afternoon.  

  • The photos you take will look AMAZING

Gardens by the bay is one of the most attractive spots to take photos with your friends and family or cityscape photography. Because of its unique designs and architecture, no matter how you take and no matter what camera you take with, it will look amazing. Just post process your photo in Instagram a little bit and share it on your social media apps (Psss, tag me on Instagram if you decided to post one over there, I'll be at @sheisreyar so tag your photos so that I can start liking them!)
An advice to you is to wait till night which I didn't and I regret about it so much because of the amazing lights that the sky trees will emit and there are much more activities to do at night! 

It has amazing activities to do other than taking photos with friends and family

Other than taking photos, you can do various activities at Gardens by the Bay. It has Hi-5 funtastic house for families to enjoy and play games with family. I didn't go in since it was for evening timings but I'll link to their website here for more information about timings and activities. 
It also has other rides such as Bumper cars, Ferris Wheel and Christmas trains. I'll link to their website here for more information about pricing.

  • The Luminarie Lights were beautiful

I didn't wait until at night during that time but I saw various Instagram stories and Snapchat stories of my friends going there enjoying their times with loads of Christmas carols and these amazing lights. The photos are from Christmas Wonderland website

  • It has an ICE PALACE

For those people who are like me who doesn't like hot weather, there is an ice palace just for you to enjoy icy snow like in other countries. In the ice palace, there is a huge ice skating rink, ice playground and an ice slide. For more information about timing and pricing, please click here for more information on their website.

  • Honorable mentions

It has various stores at Market place where you can enjoy food and do Christmas shopping for loved ones.
If you are more of visiting attractions kind of person, I recommend you to go into Flower Dome during Christmas where you'll see Nutcrackers and Christmas Decorations all over Flower Dome while you rest in cooling conditioned dome. I went there with my mother when she came visit me for my graduation.

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