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Instagram has always been my favourite type of social media and it has been one of the few social media platforms that I use when I was young. I started using it ever since they came out, even before they were famous like right now. Now, it has become part of my life and Instagram is the only app that I find myself using while I was taking a break from all the social media and the only app I find myself checking everyday. 
I love photography and I love taking beautiful images since I was young so it's no doubt become my everyday app. For me, Instagram is a platform that I like to share the things that I enjoy and adore without stressing me out. I saw a lot of people keeping their Instagram neat and creative with their themes but honestly, for me, I know for sure that it'll never happen. I'm such a random person that likes to post photos whenever I'm inspired. Instagram is not the platform that I like to put loads of effort to (well, of course if I put themes and creative stuff, my Instagram will be more beautiful. I'm aware of that!)
For me, Instagram is a chill place. I upload photos whenever I see something pretty or whenever I created something that I like. It's a chill zone and something that I look forward to inspire myself after a stressful day.

Even though I said that Instagram is my chill zone, I still put my creative works in each individual images. In order to create the pictures that I'm satisfied with, I use the photo editing apps to create into perfect little photos. Of course, my photos would be nothing without the apps they are edited on and there are three particular apps that I can't live without.


Starting with the most creative app that I use every time I take a photo, Snapseed. Snapseed is made by Google and I found this app via my boyfriend. He likes to take photos but he is the type who never edits the photo or upload it as frequently as I do. But when I saw him using the app, it peaks my interest of this app. Like Afterlight or VSCOCAM, Snapseed offers the standard photo editing features from Exposure and Contrast to Saturation and Sharpening.

The feature that won me over from using other apps is because of the new feature called "White Balance." I also use Adobe Lightroom for most of my blog photography and my landscape photography and White Balance is the feature I always use to do major editing. Another feature that I like to use more often is called "Lens Blur." This is the effect I always like to use whenever I'm taking product photos with my phone and it is very convenient tool for me to use.

It's definitely worth paying attention to other nifty features that are useful for your amazing photography and other features that the app has to offer. The best thing about this app is that it can do so many things in one app and the fact that it is free from the app store unlike Afterlight or VSCOCAM which I also own and used before.


I use Facetune for just about everything after I used Snapseed. It also offers a lot of features that I like to use for food photos, portraits, selfies and flat-lay photos.  Facetune makes a difference in the final outcome of my pictures and let me tell you, they look so much better than before I started editing on this app. 

The most used feature in Facetune is definitely whiten tool. I believe a lot of people agree on this since the whiten tool is the best way to whiten the background for those perfect white themes on Instagram. Of course, I also use whiten tool to whiten various places in my photographs from whitening the background to whitening some of my teeth to my eyes.

Another feature that I like to use is the smooth and details tools. Well, if you are wondering, no, I don't use smooth tool to smooth out my skin. I sometimes smooth out my background for my food photos while giving more details on the food using the details tool. 

Sometimes, I also like to use defocus tool for further blurring out the background in some of my food and product photos. The defocus feature is a real convenient tool for me to have a perfect product photo without buying expensive lens for my DSLR or from my iPhone photos. 


Yup, you heard it right! I believe Instagram is one of the best apps for editing photos for those who doesn't want to use other apps to edit their photos. Instagram's in-house editing features offer extensive photo editing and I always have been awed by how amazing the app has become. 

I still remember the times I overuse filters to my photos. During that time, there wasn't any adjustments for filters, there were no adjustments for exposures and saturation. Now, I believe that Instagram has come so far with their app to produce more and more amazing features for us creators to create beautiful photos and share it with friends, family and out to the world to see. 

If you are a big photo enthusiast like I am, who always bring my DSLR with me wherever I go, I highly suggest you try out the apps that I mentioned above. And let me know in the comments, what apps you like to use for your Instagram and what are your favourite Instagram accounts that I should follow ASAP!

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