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Today was a disaster! It was incredibly stressful day and my mind was not able to catch up even though I've solved all the problems, ate dinner, got home and started writing this post. I wanted to share what happened today in my life. I almost thought my life would end up not able to enter Singapore again or have to pay a large sum of money to Singapore government as a penalty regarding my visa situation.

I lived in Singapore for more than 3 years and I never regretted the decision to move to another country all by myself. That comes with a lot of problems that are quite serious for a 18 year old self. I didn't know all the complications at that time, I just knew that I wanted to leave the country that I lived in and start a new life in Singapore. It was the best decision I've ever made.

Fast forward 3 years, I finished my studies for my Bachelor's Degree in IT and I had to start finding jobs. I tried to look for jobs but I never really knew what I liked even though I finished my entire degree. I kind of lost my passion for developing softwares along this 3 years and found others that I really like to do as a job but don't know where to start. One of the example is my blogging. I didn't know I love writing when I was a teenager. Yes, I did write a 30-page story when I was in 4th grade and spent my entire summer break trying to write this story which in the end I didn't finish. But I came to love writing especially this month. I've been doing YouTube and stuff. I love editing, love photography and the way they portray my life around in pictures is another passionate things that I love to do. But in the end, I came to love writing my personal experiences, what I love, what I created, what kind of products I'm loving in written form made me love blogging more. (okay, enough with the blogging)

After finishing my 3 years of study, I went to Japan with my friends. I have written 2 blogposts about Japan - Osaka and Tokyo. After that I went back to Myanmar for 2 weeks of holiday and during that time, I got an dreadful email that I will need to cancel my student pass. Well, fast forward, they issued me another social visit pass that lasted for 1 month and after one month, I went back to Myanmar for another round. I enjoyed my stay in Myanmar even though it was extremely boring and couldn't do anything. During that time, I decided that I want to further study in Singapore again for my Masters degree in the same school. I sent my application and I got an email that I got an offer from school for a position in the Masters Degree. I was thrilled. The person who was in charge of me and other post-graduate applications told me that I will get my student pass before my graduation ceremony which will be held on 26th November 2016. Fast forward to the second week of November, I still didn't hear a thing from ICA about my student pass release. The person who was in charge of me told me that my student pass was still pending. In order to attend my Graduation Ceremony, I had to apply a social visit pass to enter to Singapore.

The good thing was that the boy was the citizen so he helped me get my social visit pass that will allow me to stay in Singapore for one month and then proceed to my student pass. I arrived to Singapore on 24th of November so I have one month to wait for my IPA letter to arrive.

Fast forward to Christmas, actually it was a few days before Christmas, I got an email from the person in charge saying that my student pass was approved and I'm ready to get my IPA letter. Little did I know about IPA letters are that it only acts as a visa when you are coming in to Singapore. It didn't act as a visa when you are already in Singapore and your existing visa was expiring. Luckily, I had medical checkup and pre-enrolment meeting today on 28th December. They were briefing about what to bring to ICA when completing the student pass formalities and one of the requirement was to bring valid visit pass.

I panicked!!
I thought my IPA letter would act as a visa and turns out it didn't! I was quite shocked. Another thing I thought was that my expiry date of my visa was today since the "Visa Valid till" date was stated today. So I thought it would be fine if I just extend myself. The school told me that I only needed my passport to extend the social visit pass. They didn't tell me that I would need a local sponsor with me to ICA when I extend my visit pass. When I arrived to ICA after medical checkup, I heard the bad news!

The ICA officer told me that my visa overshot already. Meaning I OVERSTAYED! I was shocked. I started panicking. Me who always tend to be careful with the "official" stuff made a terrible mistake misunderstanding the whole concept of visa expiry dates and overstayed in Singapore. I felt terrible, my brain couldn't think properly. The ICA officer told me that I need to find a local sponsor and extend my visit pass immediately by 4pm today before they close. It blew the fuse of my brain. I didn't know what to do. I immediately messaged my boyfriend who was aware of the situation that I need to extend by today since I was messaging to him while waiting for medical check up hoping nothing would go wrong. Well, it went wrong terribly. When I messaged him that I need him to come over to ICA to extend my visa and it was urgent, he started panicking as well. He was at work trying to finish his project (well, he told me that he was very busy this morning) when I called him. He had to take urgent leave to come to ICA on cab to help me renew my visa. I felt very sorry for him and I always trouble him whenever he was busy.

Thank goodness that he came over and we had to settle by filling up the form to extend the visa, writing a letter to ICA officer the reasons why I accidentally overstayed and other reasons why I need to extend my visit pass. The good thing was that I told them that I already got my IPA letter and I misunderstood that the IPA letter would act as my visa for staying in Singapore. Mann, I thought I was a goner. I really thought I had to pay fines or even not able to extend my visit pass and it might caused them to cancel my student pass.

At the end, they told me to take caution of expiry dates later and not to do this kind of mistake again, and they extended my visa till 4th of Jan where I need to finish completing my student pass renewal by 4th. Well, another problem was that I will get my medical checkup results on 30th (hope nothing go wrong again), 31st is Saturday, 1st is Sunday and 2nd will be public holiday, I have orientation on 3rd, whole day of class on 4th. I'm not sure when to squeeze my renewing of student pass with these dates. It might mean that I will need to skip one class to go to ICA to renew. I'm not sure they have slots for my e-appointment during 3rd or 4th since it was just after new years holidays.

Fingers crossed that nothing bad will happen! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

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