September Favourites

Hi y’all, it’s time for another favourites of the month series. This time round is for September beauty favourites. Normally, I tend to not jolt down the favourites that I have on a notebook to see how many products and what the products were. When I hit recording, I just go with the favourites that I really love for the month not realising whether it is the same as last month or not.
Now, I tend to write in my notebook to know what are the favourites of each month and what are the empties of each month to ensure that a better quality content for you. So, bare with me if I started talking the same products as last month.
September was a nice but stressful month for me. I was travelling to Myanmar for the first two weeks and I got an email from school baring the bad news to my inbox.

It was sudden and death blow to me. I was planning that, after I had finished my studies, I had 3 months of free time to find a job and go to interviews. When I saw the news, I didn’t know what I could do for a few days. The boy and my mother kept telling to calm down and think carefully but I was already in panic mode. I didn’t want to come back to Myanmar and look for a job here simply because I don’t want to stay in the country (which was the main reason why I left the country in the first place, don’t ask) and I don’t have a home in Yangon. I was born and raised in Yangon but because of my mother’s occupation, she moved from city to city within the country and I was living with my grandparents’ house my entire childhood. Since my grandparents passed away a few years back, there was no reason for me to return to that house anymore. Anyways, I knew I had to find someway to continue staying in the country. I sent out all the resumes to various companies and well, I didn’t have interviews within the short period of time.
Now, it’s already November so let me tell you the plan that I decided to pursue. After a long chat with mother on what to do, I had decided that I’m going to continue studying for another year. Then after I finish, I’m going to look for job knowing that this time round, there is no visa left so I’ve got to start early.
So, this is the recap of my September in less than 500 words for you! HAHA!! Let’s go through my September Favourites.

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Bamboo

While I was in Myanmar, I forgot to bring my moisturiser so I started using recipe packs that I bought as a mask and sleeping masks as my moisturiser for the face. I enjoyed using the recipe packs in particular since one pack lasts me around 3-4 times so around 2 days worth of product.
I especially like the amount of moisture that they gave me. I bought the sleeping pack version instead of wash-off type and the packs made my face feeling moisturised and plump. If I have to choose from the various packs, I especially love bamboo and green tea packs since they are to moisturise my big face. The downside is that you have to carefully close the packet for another use. These recipe packs are designed for a single use so trying multiple uses is my fault to begin with so, it’s not a total downside. All in all, I love using recipe packs and I highly recommend you to try these out.

Sephora Wonderful Cushion

This is the product that I’ve fallen in love with since the day that I bought. I also put this product as my favourite product in my August Favourites. (link) I absolutely love this product. This cushion foundation doesn't make my face caky and yet it lasts for a long time. I also enjoy that it is very easy to carry with me on the go whenever I need touch ups. I brought this product with me to both Japan trip and Burma trip and this is the product I used it every day during the trips. I highly recommend if you have combination to normal skin.

FAB Ultra Repair Intensive Lip balm

Another product that I put in my August Favourites (link) and I’m still loving this product as of today (which is already November ha-ha.) I’m back in Myanmar since my visa has finished while waiting for another visa to arrive (update: I think I’ll need to apply e-visa for my graduation since my student pass cannot arrive so soon) and I brought it with me on the go. It is easy to bring on the plane so if you are a traveller, it is very convenient for you to take care of your skin. One application can last for 5-6 hours of moisturised lips. I recommend if you have dry chapped lips. I can’t recommend if you doesn’t like the tingling sensation upon application of the lip balm.

Combos Skin Pomegranate Whitening Mask

Ahh Combos Skin, I bought it a while back and I’m still using their products non stop. I love their masks. I bought the Tea Tree version when I had a little (read: severe) acne a few years back and their tea tree masks really fight acne for my face (well, I’ll talk about this in another post.) When I bought the Tea Tree one, I also bought this Pomegranate whitening mask for testing and I really love it.

The thing about whitening masks, you can’t really notice the whitening effect unless you use them continuously. If you ask me what I think about it after one use, I can say that it makes my face moisturised but I can’t see the whitening effect. But if you as me, after you have used the entire box, what I think about the whitening mask, I can certainly say that it lightened up my acne scars. I can’t confirm that this mask is the only one doing the job because I also use other whitening masks and skincare products from various brands but I know for sure that something or a combination of all the skincare lightened up my acne scars.

Watsons Refreshing Mask

Let me put a little disclaimer, I didn’t buy this mask. I got it as a gift from a friend’s mom and I’m thankful for her gift.
Watsons is a famous drugstore in Singapore and many other Asian countries. In Singapore, I normally shop from Watsons mainly just because I got the membership card (that’s it.)
Let me jump straight to the point. This mask does what it says it does. It moisturises my face, feel refreshing after use and that’s it. It claims to provide moisture to the skin and it claims to refresh the skin.
I mainly use it in the mornings when I have a bit of free time before I’m out the door. I put the mask 20 mins in the fridge before using. It feels refreshing AF and I love using this mask when my skin feel tired. Due to the fridge, the mask feels very cooling and I feel refreshed after using. 

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Another product I put in the last favourites blogpost so I’m not going to write a lot about this product. Firstly, it is a very expensive product. Very expensive for us, broke university students.But I can see my improved skin the next morning and I love this product. It is fast absorbing, doesn’t clog my pores, doesn't break me out and above all, I love the scent of it. All in all, I highly recommend you try this product out. Even if it is a small sample, try it out and you’ll feel amazed on your skin.

Jimmy Choo Perfume

I first saw this perfume when Sephora came out of the roller perfumes and Jimmy Choo perfume was one of them. I was sniffing various perfumes ranging from Calvin Klein to Marc Jacobs and at the bottom of the rows, at the left hand corner, there it was Jimmy Choo perfume. When I looked at it, it was widely used much more than other perfumes that I’ve seen in other rows and I decided to give a sniff.
Ohh there it was, like a bomb, more like a bomb to heaven. I smelled something sweet, citrusy and spicy at the same time. I fell in love. My scent fetish (you’ll know if you read my August Faves) has emerged yet again to make me smell the perfume every single time we go to Sephora.
I’m not the one to go to if you want to know about scents because I have no idea what I am talking about. But when I smelled this perfume, the first thing I thought of was “such an adult scent,” I have no idea why I thought of it. When I sit down and think of it, I believe mainly because my mother always use CK’s Eternity perfume for my entire life. Maybe that’s why I thought of this scent as an adult scent.
I recommend go and give it a sniff to the perfume and if you thought that the perfume gives an adult scent like I do, let me know in the comments. I’d love to know.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

I first encountered with Clinique products when I was looking around at Sephora for skincare products and I saw the three step something kit (i’ll let you know.) I bought the kit mainly because of the price. I believe it was $30+ for cleanser, toner and lotion in travel deluxe sized versions. After I had finished using my old skincare, I started using the range and let me tell you, I wasn’t thrilled at first.
The facial soap is very soapy and difficult to rinse with water, toner stings the crap out of me and the moisturiser is the only one that I love out of the three products I received in the kit. I managed to use the toner by using quite a lot of products at times and I saved up the facial soap for when I’m travelling.
I’m now using the facial soap non-stop since I’m travelling and it kinda grows on me. It does remove left over makeup and oils from my face (hence I put it in the favourites) even though it is still a pain to rinse. I use it nonetheless and I quite like it for removing my makeup properly since I’m trying to minimise my collection and trying to use up products before they go bad. 

Let me know in the comments below, what are your favourite skincare of the month or all time?
see you in my next blogpost,
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