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When I heard the news about going to Japan, I probably was the one who is the most excited of the bunch that were going. Japan was always my dream destination that I'd like to go one day and the day came very early and fast. Anna and I were talking that we wanted to go somewhere for our graduation trip since we both love to travel, her more than me and we were talking of going Australia. Bryan heard the news and we three were talking of we visiting our school's Australia campus, visit Sydney and even drive to Melbourne for more visits. Bit by bit, we recruited more and more people and we changed the location to Japan. So, here it is, my Japan Travel Story for you.

We were grateful that Anna was organising for the trip. For the flights, we took AirAsia and Scoot for return. Since our exams finished on 12th of August, we planned to go on 17th of August. We planned to go from Kansai Airport first instead of Narita Airport since Kansai is a lot cheaper for flights than Narita. 
AirAsia - 17th August 2016 - SGD 336.50 each which includes 20 kg of luggage.
Scoot - 24th August 2016 - JPY 25,813, around SGD 322 each which again includes 20 kg of luggage.
I'll share you our itinerary later in the post so make sure to continue reading. (hehehe)

The boy was really happy that he was going on a trip with me since Japan trip was our very first trip as a couple even though we have been dating for 3 years at that time. We never really went for trips during this 3 years (strange right!) I bought a GoPro to capture our trip moments and put it on the boy and turned out most of the footages are unusable (half my fault for not telling him what exactly I wanted)
The Itinerary
17th August, 8:45PM flight from Singapore Changi Airport T1 to Kuala Lumpur Airport
17th August, 9:50PM (KL time) reach Kuala Lumpur Airport LCCT KL
18th August, 1:00AM (KL time) flight from KL Airport to Kansai Airport
18th August, 8:25AM (Osaka time) reach Kansai International Airport
Return Flight
24th August, 10:00AM (Tokyo time) flight from Narita Airpot to Bangkok
24th August, 1:50PM (Bangkok time) reach Bangkok Don Mueang Airport
24th August, 3:50PM (Bangkok time) flight from Bangkok to Changi Airport
24th August, 7:15PM (Singapore time) reach to Changi Airport Terminal 2

The gang arrived one by one later on. After we checked in, we immediately went in to the immigration point. We were planning to drink during the trip so, while looking around the alcohol section, we found out that the Vodkas were a lot cheaper than what we can buy at the NTUC in Singapore supermarkets. Well, we bought one Vodka bottle to drink (lol)
Malaysia money yay!!! Time to eat! All of us are starving! Most of the shops were closed since it was almost midnight. So, we ate Burger King. Quite expensive for one burger though!
We were playing Uno that we almost missed the flight! The gang who are playing Uno needed to run a lot to catch our flight. We caught the flight (whew!!)
This is the train that will take us to the city. It took us around 30-45 mins to reach to the city.
The first meal I ate when I reached Osaka was Omurice! It was soooooo gooodddd!!!
I suggest to get a one day pass for unlimited train. The one that we got was about 2300 yen since we will only be in Osaka for 2 days. It is inclusive of all the entrance fees of the major attractions in Osaka so I highly recommend you getting this Osaka Amazing Pass instead of normal one day pass just for the train if you are on a budget in travelling to Japan.
These are the photos near our Airbnb. Our Airbnb is near the station and it is in the good neighbourhood. It is not very expensive if you are going with your friends. 
I'll just the Airbnb that we stayed here.
We got 2 rooms and since we got 10 people - 7 boys, 3 girls, we decided to split into 6 people in one room and 4 in another. I was with another 2 girls and the boys.
The puff was amazing!!! 
Takoyaki is a must when you are visiting Osaka. You'll find takoyaki stores in every corner of the street. Try it out! It will be amazing!
This fried chicken store beside Daiso in Dotonburi is amazing! It was sooo nice to eat!!

We went to see Osaka in a more romantic way while the boys were catching Pokemon. We saw the folklore dance in front of Osaka Aquarium since we were planning to ride Osaka Flyer.
It was really dark when we reached to the flyer. I believe it was over 9PM and we were rushing to ride the flyer since the aquarium was already closed. The boys were very excited since they caught some rare pokemon around the area and because of rare  pokemon, people were still around the aquarium side even though it was quite late at night.

This was the bullet train (shinkansen) ticket for Tokyo. Our group got separated into 2 groups. Our group, who were pretty much dead tired and the boy got high fever took bullet train to Tokyo a day early to rest a bit while the other group went to Kyoto to roam around the bamboo forest and other destinations. 
Everyone was pretty tired and couldn't move.
This was my Japan travel story for Osaka. Even though we planned where to go, but we didn't follow the plans and we were just going to places on the spot. The good thing was we got unlimited data for SGD 5 per day from Changi. Because of that, we were able to roam around Osaka like we live there. 

I'll be uploading my travel video and the second part of this travel story in another post. 

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