A Wishlist for University

Next week, just after New Years, I will be starting my second part of my life of an university student. If you all know, I just graduated my Bachelor's Degree back in November with Bachelor of Information Technology. I still owe a blogpost on the subject so when I publish the blogpost, I will link it here.

I decided that I want to continue studying since I couldn't get any jobs during the one month of finding jobs. I quickly went and sent the application to my same university, University of Newcastle Singapore whose campus is at PSB Academy in Singapore. Well, I got accepted and next week I'll be starting my second part of my university life. I hope I understand the business theories since I learnt codes during my Bachelor's Degree (lol). So it was official. I will be studying Masters of Business Administration in University of Newcastle. Well, mine is a bit odd and special since Masters Degree is normally for people who have working experience. Mine has zero experience so the school offered me a position with a condition. In this 8 months, I will need to study Graduate Certificate in Business Administration which is the same first four modules as the MBA whereas I need to pass all four modules in 8 months to proceed to MBA course. The first trimester takes four months so that means if I fail one module, I can still redo it in another trimester. Of course, I am going to work hard to get at least credit in all modules (fingers crossed, I need to study a lot harder!)

So of course, I want to add these things that I want but not needed for my Masters Degree as a wish-list even though I have zero intention to buy these things myself. If you are a reader of mine since a few months back, I still am trying to live in a more minimised way of living. It was a bit difficult to cope as my mother visiting to Singapore while purchasing a lot of stuff for herself and me, having Christmas so I splurged a bit of stuff that I've been wanting so my minimalist life is a bit on pause. So these are the things I want to have but do not need and have no intention of buying but I still want them anyways haha.

What are your must-haves for university life? 

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