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I have been an otaku since my whole life. If you were not sure what "otaku" is, it's about a person who excessively enjoys reading manga, watching anime and reading fan fiction online. I was about 8 years old when I first encountered with anime and I was hooked ever since. I still remember my very first anime was "Inuyasha" on Xing Kong where it was Chinese dub and it had Chinese subtitles. I was pretty much doomed and couldn't understand a thing while watching Inuyasha. But nonetheless, I  loved it to pieces and I always managed to wake up at 5am to watch the show since it was showing at 5.30 am. Pretty hardcore for an eight year old huh!

Fast forward to these few years, my anime addiction has grown. Ever since the exposure of the internet, I got in touch with something called "manga" and again, I've been hooked! Manga is the comic version of Japanese comics and I have been reading a shit ton of manga per day.

Let me tell you, now, I read 20-30 manga if each manga only has less than 10 chapters per day and 10-20 manga if it has around 30 chapters per manga. Pretty hardcore and I ain't not complaining.

I want to share the apps that every otaku, anime lovers should have on your phones!

I got 4 apps that I want to share with y'all. They are:
The first app that I want to share is Kissanime app. If you are an anime-lover or a k-drama lover, you are probably heard of kissanime, kiss cartoon and kissasian websites. They are websites that allow you to watch anime, cartoons and asian dramas respectively. Currently when I was writing this post, all kissanime, kiss cartoon and kiss asian websites are down due to some reasons and I couldn't watch anime from them. However, by using this app, I can watch anime from kiss anime server without experiencing DNS error from their website and you can watch the entire database full of anime from this app with subtitles and some dub anime. I added the image above of some of the most popular anime on kiss anime. Moreover, this app is absolutely free without any of in-app purchases. The only thing is you'll need to watch some of the ads showing before you start watching anime. It'll be fine since all of the apps are closable after 5 seconds of ads.

Next is Aozora app. Aozora is an app that showcases all the seasonal charts of anime from 1998 until now. It can be connected with MAL to add which of the anime you are currently watching, which ones you have finished and such. It is an excellent way to find more anime and organise what anime you watched and how many you have finished watching. It is the widest anime database for otaku to discover new anime and organise your anime watching list. I put some of the anime that I'm currently watching, some planning to watch, some that got on-hold, some that is completed, and some that is dropped accordingly. I also added the statistics on the total of how many I've finished watching and how many I'm currently watching. Not to brag though! So, if you have any anime that you want to watch but hasn't, you can always request me for anime reviews. I'll do it! Aozora is originally free app but it has In-app purchases for advanced features for S$ 8.98.

Follow me on MAL to see more of what kind of anime I'm watching and finished watching. 

Next is an app called "Manga Rock" It is again, originally free app but it has limited manga downloads. If you are like me who travels a lot and read manga on the go, I recommend you to get the full version for S$8.98 for unlimited downloads. Manga Rock is the main app that I use daily to read manga since it is good for finding new manga and it has a pretty good search system to search your ultimate combination of genres. 

If you are wondering, the genres that I read are shounen, shoujo, jousei, action, supernatural, shounen-ai, yaoi, romance, well, pretty much all the genres except horror. I hate horror stuff so I never really read horror genre. Except from that, I pretty much read everything that catch my attention.

Last but not least, it's "Manga Storm." It is my first app that I started using but later it become a bit difficult to find new manga on the daily. It is a good app if you want to download and read on the go. Normally it is a free app but again it has in-app purchase for unlimited downloads. The price for it is S$ 5.98.

This is my apps recommendations for fellow otaku to enjoy with their daily love for anime and manga. If you have any app recommendations for me, please leave me a comment down below and let me know what anime or manga you are currently obsessed with!

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