Leaving behind: Bachelor Degree, Old blog layout & Consumerism

"It has been a while since I update my blog." Seems like this sentence has been used for so many times and I want to put an end to this sentence completely. I'm going to start a new journey with a new design and a more put together schedule. I'll be attending my MBA (Master of Business Administration) from University of Newcastle starting from January of 2017 and I'm super thrilled about a new academic year. I'm currently back in Myanmar for some break (well, to be honest, my old student pass had finished and I cannot live in Singapore because of that) and now I'm waiting for my student pass to arrive before my graduation ceremony on 26th of November.

Before I go in depth about starting over, let me rant a few things about my blog. I love my old blog design. I really do. However, whenever I want to add or customise something to my blog, it always went haywire and I've lost count on the times that I had to upload my template from scratch.

I also have been thinking of what kind of direction I want to go with my blog and with that comes with new requirements. I wanted to add locations on my blogposts, add quotations, using bold and italics functions (which was odd that I couldn't use on my old design), having my own domain name (TBA), having an aesthetically pleasing blog layout and design and last but not least, I wanted to add Disqus commenting system on my blog. I use Disqus for my anime community and beauty community so I wanted to add it to my blog as well. Surprisingly, my old blog layout couldn't add
disqus commenting widget for the reason that I can't comprehend.
I tried using a Chrome extension to screenshot the entire webpage of my old layout. It looks really nice but deep down, it got my layers of frustration to set up without having errors. I can always go back to that design if I am bored of this new design. I always keep the xml version of my blog templates since the day I started using my blog.

Let's go back to talk about my bachelor degree. I have finally finished my bachelor degree. If you do not know, I studied Bachelor of Information Technology with a major in Enterprise Information Technology and Software Development & Applications (I still couldn't remember the exact name because it's too freaking long even though I have graduated.) I loved studying programming even though I really sucked at it. I love to make programs that are interesting but I'm really slow at learning and debugging. In reality, it's not considered as good if you are really slow at debugging and I was not able to do as much as other people in my team did for our Final Year Project (FYP.) I really had help from various people, especially from the boyfriend. I'm grateful that I have him and my other teammates who were really helpful and patient with me. Even though I ended up taking the parts where no one wants to take which are SQL codings and some front end parts. I didn't touch much on backend where you have to write C# for our project since I always tend to get into trouble ha-ha. It really was exhausting and stressful three months of FYP but I'm glad that it's all over.

One funny story during FYP was that my boyfriend sent in resume to the company he is working now a day before our final exam and he got a call immediately on the day for interview. He went and took the interview on the following day since we didn't have any papers and he got another call from the company that he got the job. IT WAS IN TWO FREAKING DAY! It was surprising that he secured a job that he is doing in 2 days even though we still had one more day of exam. He didn't study at all for the Game Production exam which was on Thursday and he managed to get a Credit from the exam. What a luck and what a smart-ass. His journey of getting a job was the fastest thing I've ever seen in my life and there I was, sending resumes one by one for the past few months and all I ever got was one phone call for interview asking me to come one day after I set out back to my home country. What a life! HAHAHA (seriously, it's not a joke. I was a bit pissed off when I heard the news)

After exams, we went on an amazing trip to Japan with a bunch of my friends and it was a nice trip. The boy had extreme fever while travelling to Osaka to Tokyo it was some hectic travelling but I enjoyed it. My very first attempt of filming a travel video failed miserably and I didn't get to take more photos of the group as I was busy taking photographs of the street and landscapes.

Another lesson I learned was that I should take raw images for easy editing purposes. Well, during that time, I didn't know how to edit nor use photoshop and light-room. Now, I'm more familiar with light-room and I absolutely love it. Now I understand why people swear by light-room from Adobe.

I'm on a minimalism journey since February 2016 and I'm not looking back. After I finished all my exams, I purged more clothing, makeup, used up a lot of skincare and makeup with less buy to no buy for makeup and skincare items.

During this two to three months, I purchased a ND filter for my lens, an UV filter, an intervalometer, a microphone, a new tripod because my 3 years old tripod was getting so worn out and bulky. I also saved up money and purchased a new 2TB external hard drive because my old 1TB HDD was not running properly.
With the amount of a few large purchases, I was still able to save up around $500 of my allowance (given the fact that my monthly allowance was $700) It was quite amazing for someone like me.

Now I'm looking back, I should have saved up a bit more and purchase less camera items. When I reached back home, my mother immediately noticed that I'm enjoying to take photos and shot with a harsh sentence that "After all the makeup, now photography huh!" I immediately realised that "ohh yeah? she was right" the very moment after she told me those words.

Realising that I should not give in with purchasing new lens, filters or whatever photography related. I'm currently writing this blog even though I was researching what lens I should buy a few days ago. Lost whether I should purchase nearly $1,000 Sigma 17-35 f1.8 Art lens or Canon 24mm f2.8 STM lens which costs around $200. When you compare the price side by side, $200 is very little even though my daily allowance is $20. So if I'm buying Canon lens, I'm going to starve to death for 10 days worth. If you think of this way, $200 is still very expensive for a broke university student like me.

While writing this blogpost, I'm having a musing moment of saving up money for the future where I get to travel to more countries as my bucket-list was to travel to more countries. While I'm on the money saving rant, I also should not eat out as often as I was a while back and I should eat more hawker center food than restaurants. There are two sentences that the boy always say: one - he likes to feed me, two - he got money because he is working and the fact that he likes to feed me. Even though I'm very grateful for the boy feeding me good food, I'm making up my mind that we should eat cheaper food and save up for travels where we can eat a lot better quality food.

I've been ranting on and on about some stuff and maybe even going in circles. The boy always gets annoyed at me for talking in circles and not straight to the point. Okay, straight to the point, since I'm leaving consumerism life behind, I'm going to save up money, not going out to eat restaurant food so often and have some awesome experience trip during my birthday month on March 1st.

See you when I get back to SG on 24th of Nov.

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