August Favourites

I know that currently is already November, 2016, but I still want to share the written version of my August Favourites. August was awesome. I absolutely loved the entire month. That, memorable month, was the month that I finished my studies of being a bachelor degree student and travelled to the dream destination, Japan, with another 9 of my friends. I absolutely loved it. There were a bit of complications and small conflicts during the trip but nonetheless, the trip itself was special to me.

Japan was awesome. I got awed by the bustling city yet very clean and calming. Another unforgettable moment was that I got to meet my old friend from my state school. It was an awesome night to meet her and have some conversation with her over a meal.

okay, enough about my experience favourites, lets talk about the things that I adored during the month of August.

Go Pro Hero 4 Silver

I bought GoPro Hero 4 Silver from a Qoo10 Store in Singapore around June. I planned to buy it for my Japan trip and well, I definitely used it in Japan. I gave it to the boy and what do you think, he messed up all the footage that he took with the GoPro. I’m using my DSLR so I didn’t have hand to use the GoPro. Well, him messing up the footage was half my mistake since I just gave him the camera without telling him what exactly I want from the GoPro camera. He gave his best to take whatever he thought looked interested but when I watched it, it was all the footages of me and our friends. Nonetheless, it wasn’t the GoPro’s fault to have a shitty outcome.
Update: i feel so stupid since GoPro came out with a much better GoPro. I’m even thinking of selling the old GoPro and buy a new one just because of the stabilisation and better sound quality.

SD Card Slot Case

I saw this when I was in Daiso at Dobhy Ghaut, I immediately bought one for myself. As a blogger and YouTuber, I spend a lot of my time taking photos and videos so I’m always using my SD cards. I always felt insecure to save my SD cards in a box al jumbled together and when I saw this case, I immediately bought one for myself. I know this case doesn’t save my cards from dropping but at least I know that all my cards are in their respective slots instead of all jumbled together in a box.
Because it’s Daiso, I paid this case for S$2 and I feel that it’s the best $2 I spent for my SD cards.

First Aid Beauty (FAB) Ultra Repair Intensive Lip-balm

Travelling to Japan was a pain for a beauty junkie like me since it took us around 8-11 hours from Singapore. After the transit from KL, we were on the plane non-stop for 8 hours straight. As you all know that airplane air is recycled air so it is extremely dry on the plane. Another reason is that since we were so high up in the sky, the UV rays are shining right into our skin and damaging it.
The first place that shows the sign of dryness in my skin is my lips. So, FAB to the rescue. I bought this FAB Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm just in time for my Japan trip and I’m obsessed with it. It moisturises my lips so intense that one application lasted my entire journey on the plane. I have had other lip balms and chap sticks, but I can’t live without this for sure from now on.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehl’s skincare line, for starters, a very expensive skincare line indeed. But I’ve been using quite a few products from the brand and let me tell you, their products are worth the money. A few years back, when I had acne all over my cheeks, I used their Blue herbal gel cleanser and all my acne cleared within a month or two. Just let me get this straight before using the cleanser, it is extremely powerful cleanser for extremely oily-acne-prone skin. If you have combination skin, I recommend not using the cleanser because it will dry your skin out.
Okay, let me go back to the main topic. Because I bought a few of their products, I always get the Midnight Recovery Concentrate samples as a gift and whenever I tried out, I always felt awe to my skin the next morning. However, whenever I went into Kiehl’s counter, with the intension to purchase this serum, I saw the price tag and felt choking sensation every single time. Then one day, again I went to the counter with the intension to buy this product, I saw the smaller version of the full size one. 15ml for $45. For some reason, the price was within my budget. Knowing the bigger size is more worth it in the long run, I immediately purchased the smaller one “just because it was within my budget” not thinking the amount of price per ml. Anyways, I absolutely love this product and I use it every single night. Sometimes when I need a little bit of TLC in the morning, I tend to mix this concentrate with my foundation to get dewy finish.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream

Just a little disclaimer beforehand, I didn’t purchase this product. I got this as a gift with the $50 purchase of other stuff.
I adore this little cream. I got a few uses out of this but I enjoyed using it. It moisturises my skin perfectly without getting too oily or less moisture. Even though the sales person recommends that this product is for the dry skin, but I still recommend to use it if you have normal to combination skin. While I was using this, it doesn’t make me break out and I love the texture of the product. It absorbs into the skin quickly without being sticky.

Diane Xtra Damage Hair Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

I first flirted with this product when I was in Japan. I was in the hot spring naked with other women of various age (that’ll be another story.) Japan has this tradition. You have to wash your body before you go into the hot spring. Well, I did that because every one was doing. You have to wash your body, cleanse your face and wash your hair before going into various hot springs with various temperatures and functions. (oh I got sidetracked as always, so back to the topic)
I saw this shampoo and conditioner at the hot spring for us to use. I wasn’t planning on going into the hot spring that day so I didn’t come prepared like other people did. They have their own skincare, makeup, haircare and etcetera etcetera. Since I didn’t come prepared, I had no choice but to use the ones that they provided to us. And oh boy, I loved all the products that they provided. Especially, their shampoo and conditioner.
It was love at first touch. I fell in love with the scent, the texture and how it was making my hair soft and silky. Somehow, I suddenly had this scent fetish for this shampoo where I couldn’t read a thing about what it was saying on the bottle. I didn’t remember the name at all but I didn’t forget the scent. When I was sniffing around shampoos at Watsons, I couldn’t believe myself when I found the exact shampoo I used once while being naked with other women (it was really unforgettable moment of my life of being awkward and not knowing what to do and the manners about going into hot spring, and I can’t seem to shut up about it for once ha-ha.)

Sephora Wonderful Cushion

I travelled with this product, I use it every single day of my life since the day I bought it. I seem to love this product immensely without knowing. After I had finished my full-of-acne-life, my skin had dried out quite a lot and went from oily skin to combination. That’s when I noticed, most of my foundations look caky as heck. I tried using foundations for dry skin and it didn’t work quite well as well. I tried using other foundations and it didn’t look good one way or another until I found this product. First of all, this cushion compact is so portable to carry around with me to touch up (well, which I never do) and secondly it has a wide variety of colour tones to choose from. My skin is a bit tricky to find foundation because my face is whiter than my neck and I tend to match my neck AND my neck seems to doesn’t match a lot of the foundations.
You’ll notice if you follow me on my Youtube channel, my face is much whiter than my neck. I tried finding a good match and later I gave up because I couldn’t seem to find a good match. This cushion is still not able to match my neck PERFECTLY, but it’s close to my skin tone.
The reason why I love about this cushion compact is that it doesn’t look caky whatsoever on my skin. It blends in with my skin nicely, doesn’t smear much and it lasts quite long for my use. The price point is also not bad for cushion compacts comparing from the ones at the drugstore and not having a match for my skin tone. Overall, I enjoyed using it.

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

Ohh, Innisfree, why are you so good at making products? Why do you keep sucking my money from my wallet and why can’t I seem to resist buying products from you?
I was using 3 way compact powders from various brands when I found this product from Innisfree at Vivo City. It was small, compact and easy to carry around. The reason why I put this product in my August favourites was that, it makes my face matt for quite a long time and make my foundation long lasting. Even though I said above that I got combination skin, I still have an oily t-zone so having a mattifying powder is a must have for me.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I adore this mascara, especially packaging wise. Well, this mascara is not only good-looking in the packaging department, but also actually good as a mascara. I bought it from Expo Sale for $17 and this is the $17 well spent.
It coats my lashes very well, providing volume and curl to my lashes and the main reason I love this mascara is how long lasting on my lashes. I don’t know what else to say. This mascara is simply awesome.
Oh, if I have to say the downside of this mascara is that it’s a pain to remove at the end of the day. I had to use several cleansing wipes to remove the mascara but every other thing that I talked about above, it’s just simply awesome and I recommend every one to try using it for once. You’ll be hooked, let me tell ya.

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara

Another all-time favourite of mine, Maybelline, the Rocket Volum Express mascara. It didn’t make it to the all-time favourite at first. I had high expectation about this mascara because of the hype on YouTube and I was expecting various impossible reasons to make my lashes awesome looking. But it didn’t happen. I was disappointed. It didn’t last long nor make my lashes volumized. I didn’t give up and continued trying. It was a right decision not to give up on this mascara. After a week or so, it became long lasting bit by bit and the it became volumizing for my eye lashing. Hence, it became my all time favourites.

Garnier 2-in-1 Tinted Spot Roll-on

I bought this mascara mainly because of my cousin. She was using it and saying that it is good for acne skin and in no time, I was looking in drugstore to drugstore trying to find this product. After I had used for quite a while, let me tell you before you go ahead and buy this. a. This is good for acne prone skin but it didn’t help me heal my acne (it’s my experience, if this product made you heal your acne faster, good for you) b. it didn’t break me out so it’s good for acne skin and c. it has good coverage so it’s good for those who has acne scars. Downside is that this product only have one colour so if you have very deep skin tone, this product might not be for you. If you are okay with the reasons, I highly recommend this product and recommend you to test this product out.

So, this is it. These are all my August Favourites and let me know in the comments section, letting me know what’s your favourite products of this month.


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