Update: What's on my iPhone 6S Plus?

I first uploaded my "What's on my iPhone 6S Plus?" during April and now is already August. I am the type of person who like to switch thing around as soon as I got bored. Another reason for update is that I'm going through a lifestyle change and "minimalism" has taught me quite a number of things to give more time to myself without distractions and keep only the things that I need and use. So I went through a major de-cluttering not only in my physical possessions but also my digital possessions. I have had like 6-7 email accounts that I never use, some online accounts that I did not use so I cleared them out, deactivating the accounts that I never use and did a major clean up on my digital footprint.

I realized that I never really use social media anymore so I deleted my twitter account, Facebook app and some of the other social media accounts that I never use. The only social media that I use is Instagram. YouTube has become my main platform that I research on things that enrich my knowledge, audio-books to listen, TED talks and other people's story on how people go through minimalism.

I've been side tracked (lol.) I'll go through my apps and show you the apps that I use now.

This is my lock screen. I am on iOS 10 Developer Beta version so that is why you'll see some of the icons different. The lock screen saver is from the app called "Wallpapers" and for some reason this background really drew me in. 

This is the main screen for the apps that I use most often. With the iOS 10, you can finally remove some of the system apps like "Stocks, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Maps, etc." So I deleted the apps that I don't use anymore and keep only the apps that I do use. 

The 4 main apps that I use are Music, SG BusLeh for bus timing, Whatsapp for checking messages for work related and Messenger for conversations with my boyfriend and friends. 

I have 3 folders on top named "Books, Lifestyle, Photography" and the apps above are all the apps that I use most of the time. We have "BeenTogether" to calculate the days of my relationship with my boyfriend. Then I have Calendar, Health, Voice Memos, Clock, Camera, Settings, Safari, Photos, App Store, Mail, Phone, Messages, Google Maps, Calculator, MusicxMatch for the lyrics for my songs, Google Keep and Wallet. 

The first folder I have is called Books and I have several apps that I use often. First, I have iBooks, Play Books for more reading of books, Bloglovin' for reading blog articles, Manga Storm and Manga Rock for reading of manga, AnimeTrakr for tracking of my animes and Pinterest for more inspirational motivations. 

Second folder that I have is called "Lifestyle" and in this folder I have productivity apps and some essentials that I use less often but I still need them from time to time. Firstly, I have Translate for some translations, Authy for my two-factor authorization, Bakodo for barcode scanning, CamScanner for scanning my documents to digital mode, AXS Payment is for my phone billing every month, DBS PayLah! is the one I use for sending money to friends when we go out and eat, Pushbullet is the media sending app that I use to send between my Windows laptop and my iPhone, Camera360 is for my selfies, Viber is an app that I use to call my family and friends who are in another country.

The continuation of my "Lifestyle" folder, I have Popcorn for booking the tickets for cinema in Singapore, Qoo10SG is a platform for online shopping in Singapore, I use Wally to keep track of my finances, Find iPhone: well I can't delete this so I put it here, Armpit Hero is the only game that I play and Feedback is for iOS developer version feedback. 

Next folder I have is called "Photography" where I have most of my social media apps that I use the most and photo editing apps and file sharing apps. I have Snapchat (follow me), Instagram, FaceTune, AfterLight - the main app that I use to edit my photos, Font Candy is the app that I go to when i want to add cool fonts to my photos, InstaMag is the photo collage app that I like to use. Then we have Dropbox and GooglePhotos for my cloud system and last but not least I have Wallpapers for all of my background photos.

Last but not least, in my second page, I have 3 apps that I use the most after the 4 main apps. The first one is POSB for my bank statements and transferring of money, YouTube for YouTube videos (duh!) and SingTel for my mobile data usage and talk time. 

That's all the apps that I use for my day to day life. Thank you so much for reading my post. 

Koufuku Graffiti (Gourmet Girl Graffiti) Review

Koufuku Graffiti (Gourmet Girl Graffiti or Happy Cooking Graffiti) is an anime television series adaptation by Shaft aired between January and March 2015. It is a gourmet anime series that will make your mouth water from all the food illustrations. The plot is that the main character, Machiko Ryo, who is living by herself since her grandmother had passed away. With her exceptional skill in cooking, she always find dissatisfaction in her own cooking until she met her second cousin, Morino Kirin, who came to stay with her on the weekends to attend cram school and made her realize that dinners are supposed to be eaten together with the ones you love and it is an essential spice to great delicious food.  
I've started watching when it first aired and I immediately fell in love with the main character, the series and all the food. Since I live in Singapore alone, I normally eat by myself and to be honest, sometimes I get lonely eating alone. I usually eat while watching anime and ever since I found out about this anime, I've been watching this anime every time I eat by myself. The main reason that I love about this anime is the food illustrations. They made it look like I'm eating with someone and all the food looks so delicious that I couldn't watch this anime without eating something. If not I drool every single time I watch this (lol.)

All the food is making me drool (ahhh) There is 12 episodes in this anime series. I will link the MyAnimeList to this anime for more information such as Voice Actors and Ratings and such. From me, I highly recommend you to watch it and let me know what you think. This anime is a Seinan anime and PG-13 so children are okay to watch this anime.

Overall - 7/10
Story - 6.5/10
Art - 7.5/10

Video credit to AMV Mine

Thank you for reading. 
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