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Last week, I wrote a blog about my favorite way to decorate my home in a minimalistic way. In that blogpost, I wrote about the ways to decorate the balconies and my favourite way to decorate them. Today, I want to share another blogpost about more ways to decorate balconies, mainly transforming the balconies to the home offices.

Living in Singapore is a luxury for space. Since Singapore is so small in size, every housing is small. As a sort-of-minimalist, living small is okay with me. When I move out my current rental and have my own place, I am pretty sure that I will not have my own place for my office. As I write a lot and film videos for my YouTube channel, I would like to have my own home office so that I get to film and write more without anyone disturbing me and I get to learn more coding on my own at my free time. So as usual, I went to Pintrest to look for more ideas to transform the small balconies to home offices.

Home offices does not necessarily need to be big. As long as you are using the space effectively and in a beautiful way to increase your productivity. Since balconies are originally small, it is not costly to decorate them.

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