Review: Daiso Winwax Nailpolish ★★★☆☆

It has been a while that I write a blogpost for all of you readers. With this chance, I'm thankful for all the readers reading my blog and my blog-posts. Today I want to review some Daiso products for you. 

Daiso is a large Japanese franchise of 100-yen shops and owned by Daiso Sangyo Corp. Little of us know that Daiso has been opened for over 44 years originating as a street vending shop in 1972. After 44 years of selling 100-yen goods, Daiso currently has over 4500 stores around the globe. It is famous for its cute and useful goods with the very affordable price range, it is getting more famous among Western countries and some Asian countries. 

Back to review, I bought this nail polish a while back when my old top coat has been used up and I saw this top coat at Daiso. Knowing the price, I decided to give it a try. One of the top coat impressed me. 

I bought this Winwax top coats from Daiso. One is the Matte Finish top coat and another one is the quick dry top coat. I rarely use top coats since I tend to mess them up quite frequently and these two nail top coats surprised me. 

The quick dry one is a bit let down for me since it is not the best of the best. It is not quick drying and the consistency is quite watery so it is a bit difficult to use at first. I tried a few times with this top coat and I decided that I didn't like it so it was a miss. 

The next one is the Matte finish version. This had impressed me a lot. I never really use matte top coats since they are pretty expensive from OPI and other brands so I decided to give it a try since they are both S$2 from Daiso. I like the matte finish. However, it is not my holy grail. I am that type of girl who loves shiny nail polishes and anything shiny and sparkly. The matte version is much better condition than the quick dry version so if you are thinking of trying one for yourself, do try the Matte finish. 

Since I went through the lifestyle change, well I should say I'm half way through the process, I downsized a lot of my nail polishes and left with my absolutely favorite ones in my collection. With the downsizing, I decided to give away both of these top coats since they are not my holy grail favorites that are worth keeping in my collection. I will review more about my holy grail nail polishes that I keep in my Minimalist Nail Polish Collection soon to you all. Hope this review somewhat helpful for your decision.

Overall, I will give this product 3 out of 5 stars. 

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