Trimester 1, 2016 results & Life Update

It has been a while I update on my life and my university. If you are wondering, I am currently at the final trimester of the final year of my university. It is also known as Trimester 2, 2016.

During last term, I took an adverse circumstance for the final exam for the very first time in my life. It was scary and I would never want to take the adverse circumstance again in my life (haha). Because of the adverse circumstance on my INFT3007, I had to retake the final exam for that particular subject and the results finally came out just today. I was waiting for my results to come out since a last month but they just released the exam results today.

INFT3007 required to pass the final exam and I was really nervous whether I might fail or not. During the resit of the exam, the questions were really difficult and because of that, I was really scared that I might not pass the exam. Thankfully to my brain, I was able to pass the exam (LOL).

If you are wondering what official grade means. C = Credit. The marks to get a D = Distinction is at 75% where I got 73% for most of my modules which make me cringe at myself. Anyways, I was happy that I passed the exam and because of the results, my GPA stayed the same. No worries.

Now I am just worried about my Game Production and the Final Year IT Major Project modules since I am weak in programming. I'll update you again in September. But before that, I'm going to Japan in August for my graduation trip with friends and I'm thinking of filming a travel vlog for you all. Hope you will be excited for the adventure ahead.

with love,
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