What's on my iPhone 6S Plus?

After using my iPhone 5 for more than 3 years, I decided that it is time to change my phone. My old iPhone 5 was getting so slow and the main reason that I wanted a new phone was because of the storage problems and the battery problems.

As I am an Apple fangirl, I always look at the keynotes every single time they have a keynote. Apple's iPhone 6S and 6S Plus seems a nice phone and I haven't use a big iPhone ever since it was my Samsung Galaxy Note I.

There are several reasons I chose iPhone 6S Plus over iPhone 6S. The main reasons are the battery, the camera optimisation features and the screen resolution. Well, mainly the battery life. Moreover, I bought the colour "Rose Gold" since it is the first rose gold colour that is available and it stands out.

Since I shared my reasons that made me buy the iPhone 6S Plus Rose Gold. Now I am going to share what is on my iPhone 6S Plus Rose Gold.

My home screen wallpaper is a Japanese girl with Kimono wallpaper. I got it from the "Wallpapers" app.

This is the first screen and the apps are mostly the default apps except from the app called "Been Together." This app counts the days of my boyfriend and I's relationship and keep tracks on when is our 1000th days and so on.

The main 4 apps that I use the most are the settings app, music app, Camera 360 app and Facebook Messenger app since me and my boyfriend likes to communicate on Facebook.

Next is what I like to call "Social" page. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Viber, Snapchat, Whatsapp are the main communication apps that I use. I like to use Snapchat (@sheisreyar) and Instagram (@sheisreyar) the most and I use Viber to call my mother and Whatsapp to communicate with classmates and my teachers. 

Then, I have all the manga apps. I use Manga Storm, Manga Rock and Webtoon to read mangas, AnimeTrakr to track my animes. 

The this page is my "Beauty and Blogging" page. I have Beautylish, Bloglovin, BuzzFeed Videos app, Makeup Alley app to check reviews, ClickNetwork for Singapore beauty and entertainment, Pintrest, YouTube, Studio for creators, Musixmatch app for lyrics for my Japanese music and AdSense for checking my revenues. 

This page is my "Photography and Games" page. Dropbox, Google Photos are the main cloud services to keep my photos (mostly selfies). Font Candy, InstaMag and PhotoGrid are the main collage making apps. Facetune, AfterLight and whitagram and the main apps to edit my photos. 

For games, I do not really play games but I installed these apps when I want to play games for passing time. 

This last page is my most random apps page. I have Google Keep, Wallpapers app for my wallpapers, Chrome Remote to remote into my chrome, play books to read my books, translate for various translations, Qoo10 SG is our version of Amazon. DBS PayLah! is the money transferring app when you go out with friends to eat and pay dutch! POSB apps are for my bank details. Paypal, AXS payment are used when I pay my bills. McDelivery, well McDonalds' delivery, duh! My Singtel is used to check my usage of internet and calling time. Authy is for my double authentication. Ornagai is a dictionary from Burmese to English. ttKeyboard is for burmese keyboard. SG BusLeh is for checking when the bus will come to my bustop. Seven app is my working out app. Pushbullet is used when I want to push anything from my Chrome to my iPhone. Popcorn app is used to check the timing of the cinema movies. Adobe fill is an app that I am trying out but I am not sure how I feel about it yet. Blackboard is used when I want to check my grades from my university. Last but not least, Camscanner is used when I want to scan my physical documents to soft copy.  

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