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One of my friend bought a Macbook and she was unsure of what to start using and how to set up the Macbook.
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I am also going to link the user manual for Macbook so you can look at more details for further referencing.
First things first, you'll see to switch on your Mac, normally power button is on the top right hand corner and when you press it, the power will be turned on.

Then, you will need to choose your own language. Normally, English is always at the top of the list. 

Then, select your region, meaning your country. 

Then, select the language for your keyboard. Normally, this will be shown English as a default.

Then, select your wifi. This can be skipped if you do not have wifi where you live.

Then, if you see "transfer your data", you can choose "not now" to start clean. 

Then, if you see the "enable location", you can choose to say YES or No.

Then, you'll see the log in form to log in your Apple ID. You can choose to skip this step as well.

Then, say "Agree" to Terms and Conditions.

Then, you'll see "Set up iCloud." You can choose to enable it or disable it.

Then, you'll see "Messaging and FaceTime", you can choose to enable it or not.

Then, you'll see "Find my Mac", again, you can choose to enable or not.

Then, you'll see "Create your computer account." You can put your Fullname, username and password to protect your Mac.

Then, you'll see "Select your timezone." Select your timezone and click "Next."

Then, "Register your Macbook" by clicking the little checkbox and click "Continue."

Then you can start using your Macbook. 

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