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This week is my study week for finals to come and today, I decided to go to Mustafa for the day. Yesterday, while I was writing my Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Cream Review, I was researching on whether I should shave my facial hair which is mainly on my upper lip area and around my chin. Normally, I wax my upper lip area and use hair removing cream to my facial hair around my chin. However, using hair removing cream made my skin so sensitive after using it and it was making my hair follicle getting thicker. Using hair removing cream is equivalent to shaving so I decided that I should try bleaching my facial hair. 

After some research, I decided that Jolen Cream Bleach is the most effective product to do facial hair bleaching. I remembered it is available at Mustafa so I decided to go there today. This morning when I woke up, my hair was really frizzy and I could not brush my hair. I used my trusty Sunsilk leave in conditioner which saved my hair from frizz and tame my hair amazingly. Because of that it also had appeared in my March Favourites last month. I decided that I would repurchase and keep a back up. 

Therefore, these are the 2 main reasons I went to Mustafa and the 2 products as a wish list. I immediately found the Jolen Cream Bleach (S$ 6.50 at Mustafa Center) and my Sunsilk leave in conditioner (S$ 6.90 at Mustafa Center) and when I saw the baby section beside the hair removal section, I decided to pick up the Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo (S$ 2.80 at Mustafa Center). I always enjoyed using it when I was young and it is a classic baby shampoo used by many people. I decided that I will try using a baby shampoo for my very damaged hair and hence the reason why I bought this shampoo. 

Last but not least, I bought the lighter from a convenience shop under my block with bread. I forgot to buy the lighter for my Bath & Body Works candles and I found one underneath my block. The lighter was around S$ 1.50. 

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