Review: That's Heart (Limited Edition) Eye-shadow & Blush Palette ★★★☆☆

A while ago, I purchased this palette with a brush set from BH Cosmetics affiliated with ThatsHeart, a beauty YouTuber. Even though it was a limited edition palette, I still wanted to write a review about it after using it for a while. 

The packaging is very beautiful. Pink represents Heart since she enjoys her pinks a lot. After using it for a while, I am going to tell you all my pros and cons about this palette. 

  • beautiful packaging
  • wearable blush
  • the bronzer is really great
  • it comes with a big mirror for easy touch ups
  • easy to travel since it is not heavy
  • cruelty-free
  • eye-shadows are not pigmented enough
  • the shadows are mostly shimmer 
  • it is not long wearing
  • since the shadows are shimmer, they have some fallout

I realised that I am not using enough of this product even though I have had this for a while already. The shadows are wearable but it seems like I am grabbing others more than this palette. 

I think I am going to keep this as a collector's edition since it was a limited palette and the shadows are beautiful. I will try film a video using this palette soon so stay tuned. 

I give this product 3 out of 5 stars. It was nice to use but it doesn't give enough pigments and it doesn't wear long. 

April Beauty Haul #6 | Haul

I am back with another haul again. Yes, I have been shopping a lot recently. Not good for my wallet... :(

Anyway, since I have already bought these, let's do another haul. This is from Innisfree again. The reason I went to Innisfree is to purchase a toner since my Clinique toner has run out. I decided to buy a pore-care toner since it claims to tighten pores, reduce excess sebum yet hydrates at the same time. 

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner (SGD 30) is a daily toner for oily skin and it has the sebum control technology to keep the skin looking fresh and soft. I am very excited to try this out and write a review soon.

Another product is the Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Waterproof Sunblock with SPF 50 PA +++ (SGD 23). Even though I love my Etude House Sunprise Mom & Kids SPF 35 PA ++, it is not waterproof and it makes my skin very oily after applying it. So I decided to try the waterproof version of the sunblock since Singapore is extremely hot and sweaty, I thought this product might withstand the heat situation.   

It also claims to have a 5-in-1 sunblock that protects against UV rays, treats wrinkles, brightens, whitens and is waterproof. I am so excited to try this as soon as possible and write a review about it in a few weeks time. 

And again, since 2 products combined is more than SGD 50, thus I get another Apple Juicy Special Cleansing Kit as a gift from Innisfree. 

April Beauty Haul #5 | Haul

I am back with another haul. I have been trying out new things these days and well, trying out new products mean my wallet is crying a lot. T.T

This blogpost will have 2 items with one birthday gift. The first product is the Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter Body Lotion (SGD 28 at Sephora). One of my friend was raving about this product and he was saying this is one of the best body lotions so I decided to give it a try. I am extremely lazy when it comes to applying body lotions but this product makes me want to apply body lotion 24/7. I will do a complete review about it in the near future.

The next product is the Sephora Wonderful cushion foundation (SGD 34). It is build-able, light to medium coverage and is a moisturising foundation and gives glowy natural finish. I tried this out today and I have been wearing for 10 hours and I love it so far. It gives me a natural finish, does not cake up my face and even though I look shiny now due to my oiliness and hot Singapore weather, there is still light coverage. I am impressed. I will give a more in-depth review in a later blog post.

Last but not least, I got an eye shadow trio from Sephora as a birthday gift.

April Beauty Haul #4 | Haul

This haul will be a short one since I only have 2 items to share with you. They are the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip-colours. I first saw them at Guardian at Clementi Mall and I only had time to swatch them. After that I looked at Watsons Tiong Bahru, Watsons Buona Vista (Star Vista) and it seems like they are not available in Watsons yet. I then saw them at Guardian at Buona Vista(Star Vista) and I decided to purchase them.

They have 7 shades available and I got 2 shades, in HD Devotion in pinky mauve colour and HD Seduction which is nude color.
The retail price is SGD 21.90 and they have SGD 3 off coupon at the display. Moreover, if you are a Passion Card member, you get additional $1 off. Thus, it was around SGD 17.90.

April Beauty Haul #3 | Haul

This month will have a lot of Innisfree products since I have been wanting to try more Innisfree products since I have been reading a lot on this brand. A lot of its products are good quality yet at affordable price and I was impressed by its No-sebum Mineral powder and decided to try more products.

I had tried The green tea seed serum before and really liked it and I decided to repurchase there is no serum in my routine. The green tea seed serum (SGD 36) has a promotion that when you purchase the serum, you will get a travel size version of the cream, eye-cream and the serum for free.

I also purchased the green tea cleansing foam since my Etude House cleanser is getting too harsh on my skin and my skin was starting to dry and thus started producing more oil. The green tea cleansing foam (SGD 13) is meant to be gentle and return moisture while cleansing the skin.

After purchasing 2 products, the total was SGD 49 and the counter recommend me to get another product to get SGD 50 so that I can get a free gift. I was not intending to purchase any further and the cheapest products are their sheet masks for SGD 2. I had almost all of their sheet masks as I enjoy using them and black berry is not one of the products that I own since it is intended for more anti-ageing.  

After purchasing the 3 products, the total was SGD 51 and thus I got a free gift of Apple Juicy Special cleansing kit.

April Beauty Haul #2 | Haul

I apologise for not writing blog posts these days. It is because I had an end-of-term exam and I was really busy with the studies. I am finally finished with the exams and now I am back to writing blog posts for the month. Tonight, I am planning to write a few blog posts for you so I hope you enjoy reading them.

This month i bought a few items and these items will be separated into the day I buy them. This 3 items are bought before the exam so it was bought around second week of the month. I went to Vivo City for lunch with my boyfriend and I always look around at Innisfree store. I found this Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder (SG$ 12) and I decided to try it out because it has a great reviews.

Then I went to Daiso (my staple shopping place) and I found these face masks. Each face-mask packet has 7 sheet masks which is supposed to be used for a week using one each day. I bought both the Hyaluronic Acid one and the Co-enzyme one since there is only two options available. Each packet is $2 from Daiso.

April Beauty Haul #1 | Haul

This week is my study week for finals to come and today, I decided to go to Mustafa for the day. Yesterday, while I was writing my Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Cream Review, I was researching on whether I should shave my facial hair which is mainly on my upper lip area and around my chin. Normally, I wax my upper lip area and use hair removing cream to my facial hair around my chin. However, using hair removing cream made my skin so sensitive after using it and it was making my hair follicle getting thicker. Using hair removing cream is equivalent to shaving so I decided that I should try bleaching my facial hair. 

After some research, I decided that Jolen Cream Bleach is the most effective product to do facial hair bleaching. I remembered it is available at Mustafa so I decided to go there today. This morning when I woke up, my hair was really frizzy and I could not brush my hair. I used my trusty Sunsilk leave in conditioner which saved my hair from frizz and tame my hair amazingly. Because of that it also had appeared in my March Favourites last month. I decided that I would repurchase and keep a back up. 

Therefore, these are the 2 main reasons I went to Mustafa and the 2 products as a wish list. I immediately found the Jolen Cream Bleach (S$ 6.50 at Mustafa Center) and my Sunsilk leave in conditioner (S$ 6.90 at Mustafa Center) and when I saw the baby section beside the hair removal section, I decided to pick up the Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo (S$ 2.80 at Mustafa Center). I always enjoyed using it when I was young and it is a classic baby shampoo used by many people. I decided that I will try using a baby shampoo for my very damaged hair and hence the reason why I bought this shampoo. 

Last but not least, I bought the lighter from a convenience shop under my block with bread. I forgot to buy the lighter for my Bath & Body Works candles and I found one underneath my block. The lighter was around S$ 1.50. 

Minimalist Makeup Collection | Minimalism Series

If you follow me on YouTube and Instagram or Snapchat, you'll know that I started practicing minimalism and I had purged a lot of things in my life. The only thing left for me to purge is my makeup. A lot of people says when you started becoming a minimalist, the hardest thing to do is letting go of sentimental value items which may or may not attached to your feelings and memories. For me is letting go of items that are so valuable in monetary value. Makeup in Singapore is a few times more expensive than what is priced in USA.

I decided that I will let go of things that are expired, did not enjoyed using and finished items. Then, I had this idea of using only items that I enjoyed using and can be used daily as if I were on vacation and these are the only makeup I carried with me on vacation. 

I started doing that about a month ago, there are items that I did not ended up using and there are items that I added to my capsule makeup collection. 

The box that I keep my capsule makeup is from a box for mooncakes last year from Ritz Carlton. I got it from my boyfriend's parents after we ate the mooncakes last year during the mooncake festival. It has 2 drawers and the bottom drawer I put my face items such as primer, foundations and some powders. The top drawer is my lip sticks, eyebrow products and some eye makeup. I also put my most favourite perfumes and the fix+ for my eyeshadows and my sunscreen.


Calvin Klein Eternity Perfume - SGD 39.90 (70% off sale from John Little)
Jimmy Choo Perfume - SGD 160 (Sephora)

Mac Fix+ - SGD 30 (Mac Counter - Vivo City)

Étude House Sunprise Mom & Kids - SPF 35 PA ++ - SGD 24 (Étude House at Clementi Mall)

Sephora Colour Wonderland Neutral and Vivid Eyeshadow Palette - SGD 59 (Original price SGD 89 & Limited Edition)

Bottom Drawer

Sephora 12-hour wear perfection foundation in Medium - SGD 32 (Sephora)
Loreal True Match foundation in N7 - Nude Amber - SGD 30.90 (Watsons)
Touch in Sol No Problem Primer - SGD 20 (Guardian ION)
Étude House CC Cream - SGD 25 (Bugis Junction)
NYX Eyebrow Mascara - SGD 13 (Sephora)
Body Shop Lip Balm - Frosted Cranberry - SGD 5 (Body Shop ION)
Sephora 12-hour wear pressed powder in Light - SGD 20 (Sephora)
Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder - SGD 6 (Guardian)

Top Drawer 

Mainly my lipsticks and mascara and brushes. 
NYX Eyeshadow primer - SGD 5 (Sale from John Little)
Tarte Eyebrow Powder in Dark Brown - SGD 42 (Sephora)
Australis Metallax Eyeshadow in Gold Gaga - SGD 9.90 (Sale from John Little)


Benefit Roller Lash
Too Faced Better than Sex


NYX lip gloss in Tiramisu - SGD 13 (Sephora)
Tarte Lipsurgence in Glaze, Craze, Praise, Romantic  (2014 and 2015 Holiday Collection Sets - Sephora)
Tarte Lipgloss in Visionary (2014 Bon Voyage Holiday Collection Set - Sephora) 
Maybelline Colour Bloom - MMK 3500 (City Mart)
Sephora 5 tiered lip gloss - Birthday present (Sephora)


BH Cosmetics
Qoo10 Seller - SGD 9.90

Beauty Blender Dupe - SGD 2(Makeup International)
Shu Uemora Eyelash Curler - SGD 30 (Sephora)

What's on my iPhone 6S Plus?

After using my iPhone 5 for more than 3 years, I decided that it is time to change my phone. My old iPhone 5 was getting so slow and the main reason that I wanted a new phone was because of the storage problems and the battery problems.

As I am an Apple fangirl, I always look at the keynotes every single time they have a keynote. Apple's iPhone 6S and 6S Plus seems a nice phone and I haven't use a big iPhone ever since it was my Samsung Galaxy Note I.

There are several reasons I chose iPhone 6S Plus over iPhone 6S. The main reasons are the battery, the camera optimisation features and the screen resolution. Well, mainly the battery life. Moreover, I bought the colour "Rose Gold" since it is the first rose gold colour that is available and it stands out.

Since I shared my reasons that made me buy the iPhone 6S Plus Rose Gold. Now I am going to share what is on my iPhone 6S Plus Rose Gold.

My home screen wallpaper is a Japanese girl with Kimono wallpaper. I got it from the "Wallpapers" app.

This is the first screen and the apps are mostly the default apps except from the app called "Been Together." This app counts the days of my boyfriend and I's relationship and keep tracks on when is our 1000th days and so on.

The main 4 apps that I use the most are the settings app, music app, Camera 360 app and Facebook Messenger app since me and my boyfriend likes to communicate on Facebook.

Next is what I like to call "Social" page. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Viber, Snapchat, Whatsapp are the main communication apps that I use. I like to use Snapchat (@sheisreyar) and Instagram (@sheisreyar) the most and I use Viber to call my mother and Whatsapp to communicate with classmates and my teachers. 

Then, I have all the manga apps. I use Manga Storm, Manga Rock and Webtoon to read mangas, AnimeTrakr to track my animes. 

The this page is my "Beauty and Blogging" page. I have Beautylish, Bloglovin, BuzzFeed Videos app, Makeup Alley app to check reviews, ClickNetwork for Singapore beauty and entertainment, Pintrest, YouTube, Studio for creators, Musixmatch app for lyrics for my Japanese music and AdSense for checking my revenues. 

This page is my "Photography and Games" page. Dropbox, Google Photos are the main cloud services to keep my photos (mostly selfies). Font Candy, InstaMag and PhotoGrid are the main collage making apps. Facetune, AfterLight and whitagram and the main apps to edit my photos. 

For games, I do not really play games but I installed these apps when I want to play games for passing time. 

This last page is my most random apps page. I have Google Keep, Wallpapers app for my wallpapers, Chrome Remote to remote into my chrome, play books to read my books, translate for various translations, Qoo10 SG is our version of Amazon. DBS PayLah! is the money transferring app when you go out with friends to eat and pay dutch! POSB apps are for my bank details. Paypal, AXS payment are used when I pay my bills. McDelivery, well McDonalds' delivery, duh! My Singtel is used to check my usage of internet and calling time. Authy is for my double authentication. Ornagai is a dictionary from Burmese to English. ttKeyboard is for burmese keyboard. SG BusLeh is for checking when the bus will come to my bustop. Seven app is my working out app. Pushbullet is used when I want to push anything from my Chrome to my iPhone. Popcorn app is used to check the timing of the cinema movies. Adobe fill is an app that I am trying out but I am not sure how I feel about it yet. Blackboard is used when I want to check my grades from my university. Last but not least, Camscanner is used when I want to scan my physical documents to soft copy.  

How to set up a Macbook Pro | Tech

One of my friend bought a Macbook and she was unsure of what to start using and how to set up the Macbook.
Credit: here

I am also going to link the user manual for Macbook so you can look at more details for further referencing.
First things first, you'll see to switch on your Mac, normally power button is on the top right hand corner and when you press it, the power will be turned on.

Then, you will need to choose your own language. Normally, English is always at the top of the list. 

Then, select your region, meaning your country. 

Then, select the language for your keyboard. Normally, this will be shown English as a default.

Then, select your wifi. This can be skipped if you do not have wifi where you live.

Then, if you see "transfer your data", you can choose "not now" to start clean. 

Then, if you see the "enable location", you can choose to say YES or No.

Then, you'll see the log in form to log in your Apple ID. You can choose to skip this step as well.

Then, say "Agree" to Terms and Conditions.

Then, you'll see "Set up iCloud." You can choose to enable it or disable it.

Then, you'll see "Messaging and FaceTime", you can choose to enable it or not.

Then, you'll see "Find my Mac", again, you can choose to enable or not.

Then, you'll see "Create your computer account." You can put your Fullname, username and password to protect your Mac.

Then, you'll see "Select your timezone." Select your timezone and click "Next."

Then, "Register your Macbook" by clicking the little checkbox and click "Continue."

Then you can start using your Macbook. 

Review: Nivea Mens Sensitive Shaving Cream ★★★★☆

I did a lot of unnecessary things when I was young and a lot of unnecessary things that I am still doing even now. That is SHAVING. YES! I tried shaving my legs when I was 15 and that is the thing I regretted the most.

It didn't stop with legs. I tried shaving my hands. As you know, I am a South East Asian so typically Asians have much more thicker follicle and larger in diameter. After shaving, my hair appears much thicker and grows faster. So now, I need to shave every 2 days or so. With my usual laziness, I am very lazy to shave my legs and arms every 2 days.

I went to Mustafa with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and I mainly went there to find the Nivea Mens Post Shave Balm, sensitive version but I couldn't find it. Instead, I found the Nivea Mens Shaving cream for sensitive skin. My boyfriend bought this product for this shaving routine and before he could open it, I snatched it from him (sorry, bf!) I started using it and it was AMAZING!

I always got cuts from shaving with just shower gel and I never seem to get close shave. This product allows me to shave very closely and it does not make me cut myself.

The product packaging is sleek and I like the fact that it has a lot of product inside. You only need smallest amount of pressure when squeezing from the bottle. The shaving cream costs around S$ 5.50 at Mustafa Centre

Repurchase - YES
Recommend - YES 
Rating - 4/5 stars

March Beauty Haul | Haul

I always enjoyed trying out new products and review them whether I like them or not. Well, this also makes me spend my money on hits and misses on products that I like or vice versa.
The products that I purchased this time are mostly masks and one exfoliator.

Cure Exfoliator - S$ 49.90 (Watsons) 
Bayliss Synergy - Clean Water Essence Mask - S$ 2.90 (Infini Simple Beauty - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal)
Bayliss Synergy - Aqua Moisture Essence Mask - S$ 2.90 (Infini Simple Beauty - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal) 
Timeless Truth - Black TT Hydra-Intense Black Charcoal Mask - S$ 3 (Guardian)
Timeless Truth - Multi-Peptide Bio Cellulose Eye Mask - S$ 3 (Guardian)

March Favourites 2016 | Monthly Favourites

What's your favourites of this month? Is it a makeup item, a tech item or a book? I'd like to know what's your absolutely must have item(s) of this month. For me, I have quite a number of favourite items this month. Curious? Let's find out!

Well, March is my birthday month so it is my favourite month of all times. This year, I decided not to get anything from my mother and my boyfriend and the only thing I bought was a lens for my camera and I really love that lens.

Next are the beauty products that I enjoyed using for the month of March. I also got birthday present from my landlady which is the Clinique moisturiser and birthday present from Sephora which are the 3 mini eyeshadows. 

I always love my mother's Eternity perfume from Calvin Klein so I purchased myself one and I really love it. I am that kind of person who never really wear concealer but I gave this NYX concealer a go since the price is very decent and the reviews are awesome and I really enjoyed using it. A little bit go a long way with this concealer. I love my Sunsilk leave in conditioner, my Theramed toothpaste and my Etude House sunscreen which are all used daily. I loved the Tarte foundation but these days, I find almost all of my foundations cake up my face but when I combine with my sunscreen to apply the foundation, it gives this amazing coverage and it does not cake up my face which is always a plus for me. NYX eyebrow mascara is one of my favourite lazy day makeup because it is so easy to apply and the fact that it is so affordable is a must have for me.

Review: Nivea Men Post Shave Balm ★☆☆☆☆

I was in Myanmar when I first heard about this product around December. +NikkieTutorials was raving about this product as a "Best Primer Ever." I was really curious about the product so as soon as I got out of airplane from Myanmar to Singapore, I immediately went to look for the product at various drugstores and supermarkets. Unfortunately, I could not find the sensitive version that she was raving so I could only got my hands on the original version of the product. 

The first time I tried this product, I was not really a fond of it since I was testing out another new foundation so I could not decide whether it was this balm's fault or the foundation's fault. The next day, I tried again with my trusted foundation with the hope of it being amazing as she and other beauty gurus reviewed. 

The outcome was terrible. It was very difficult to rub on my skin and I need to wait for it to completely dry in order for me to apply my foundation. If I did not wait for it to dry, the foundation became very uneven to apply and blotchy. I do not mind the scent of the primer but I could not stand how it bunches the foundation up after applying the foundation. The foundation was really blotchy to the point that even my boyfriend can notice it (normally, he does not really understand what is being smudged or look oily and shiny).  

I got the product on 7th of January, 2016 and I am writing this review today, on April 3rd, 2016 so I have been trying this product for 4 months and I came to the conclusion that I do not like this product. The price was decent (around S$9 in Watsons) and one bottle has a lot of product amount inside. 

Repurchase - No
Recommend to people - Try it out, if you enjoy it, great!!
Rating - 1/5 stars (because, it has a large amount and it is decent priced) 

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