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Since last week was my birthday week (1st of March was my birthday) so I decided that I go out with my boyfriend to various places and explore around the town while there are assignments stressing us out.

I noticed that my skin was terribly tired and dehydrated. So sometimes I usually apply a thick mask of hydrating mask. While my skin is getting the hydration back from the mask, I also make sure that I get the hydration to my whole body by drinking a lot of water

Once in a while, I re-touch-up my hair-color since I have accumulated a lot of silver hair due to stress and Chlorine from Singapore's water. I always use Liese Hair dye to color my hair. I tried a new color "Rose Tea Brown" for my hair this time and I really enjoyed it.
I have been loving Tarte's lip surgents for years and this color in particular, is my favorite for the week. I have been using this color for the entire week and it does not dry out my lip, the color is amazing and it last for a while. 

Fashion accessory wise, I have been loving this Forever21's bag that I purchased one year ago and it has been my favorite since then. I wear this bag everywhere I go. It is lightweight, inexpensive and even though it is small, it can fit a lot of things.

The products that I mentioned are the products that I used on my birthday week and the products that I recommend to anyone. I will continue using these products since I enjoy using them so much and I hope you find this blogpost helpful.


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