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You can look at your stress level just by looking at your skin. Currently, I have been so stressed and the stress level shows up on my skin immediately. Whether you are sleeping properly, eating properly and managing the stress level can be seen on people's skin. However, not a lot of people eat properly, sleep properly. In order to boost our skin and repair our skin, we use various skin care products. In this blogpost, I am going to share with you all my top favourite skincare items from 2015. 

Kiehl's blue herbal gel cleanser is one of the best cleansers for oily/acne prone skin. The past year, I had a lot of acne and this cleanser is the only one which fights my acne. However, if you had slightest amount of dry skin, I do not recommend this cleanser since it is very harsh on the skin. The past year, my skin was oily and acne prone skin and now, my skin is normal to combination skin. 

I was curious of this product since I saw a Innisfree counter at Jem @ Jurong East. It had won several prizes for the best Clay Masks so it intrigued me to purchase one and try it out. It became my favourite item immediately and I really enjoyed using it every week and hence in my #Bestof2015 top list.

I purchased Ettusais puru puru mist after I saw +Melodee Morita's skincare routine video and she mentioned it is amazing. I agree with her. Our skin get dried out immediately after we wash our face and this product acts like a skincare before skincare and I really like it. I use it immediately after washing my face before I apply my toner and it makes wonders to my skin.  

SK-II, $99, is one of the best essence that I have tried and I really love this brand. Their skincare items are phenomenon. This bottle is my third bottle and I love it. The only reason that I am a bit iffy about is the price. However, I decided that I am going to invest in my skincare so I enjoy using it.  

Philosophy's miracle worker is great if you have wrinkles and pre-mature aging. Because of the SK-II test, I found out that I have pre-mature aging in my eyes so I started using this product and I love it. I have not taken another SK-II test so I am not sure how effective this product is but I can feel that it is repairing my wrinkles and hence, in my #Bestof2015 list.

I discovered Annie's way jelly masks through +bubzbeauty and she talked highly about this line so I purchased a few products to try. At the time I purchased, the line was having sale for buy 1 get 1 free so I have quite a lot of jelly masks that I am testing out. This particular jelly mask from Annie's way is my favourite. I use it a lot often than the other jelly masks and I can feel that it is hydrating my skin while using and I really enjoy the end results.

This product is one +bubzbeauty was raving about in her videos and I really love this product. I am not sure about this product making my skin brighter but it really hydrates my skin and minimises my pores and leaves my skin radiant. I am going to continue using this product more and will give you a more detailed review in the future. 

Etude House Sunprise sunscreen, S$25,  is the product that I am loving. Since it is safe for mothers and toddlers, it is non-toxic and able to use it on sensitive skin. Sunscreen is important from UV rays which can cause pre-mature aging, wrinkles, dark spots and worst case scenario - skin cancer. So I always try to apply sunscreen before applying makeup and this particular product is not toxic, does not leave white cast and it does not have weird sunscreen scents that most sunscreen has. 

These are the best products for my #Bestof2015 list. I recommend all of the products that I mentioned above and there is a video from my YouTube channel talking about the products that I mentioned if you are more of a visual person. 

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