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Good evening everyone! I have been busy with studies since I finally reached my final year of university and it has been super busy life for me. Sleepless nights, brain farting and thoughtless nights have been a regular to me these days so I haven't able to blog these days but I decided that I want to blog something tonight. I was looking at my blog and recently I wrote my skincare routine so I decided to do a little hair care routine of mine today.

I change a lot of shampoos but L'Oreal is one of the main brand that I spend on my shampoos since 4 years ago. Usually I use Head & Shoulders if I am a little itchy around my scalp. Normally I always love to use various products from L'Oreal. 

Before I jump into my routine, I want to share my hair situation with you all. I have damaged, sometimes dandruffy and hair fall hair that is very frizzy. So if you have this kind of hair, I hope the tips that I am going to give you helps. 

My haircare routine is simple. I use shampoo and conditioner and a little bit of oil. But the little tips and tricks that I do along the way keeps my hair the way that I want. I always change up the shampoo and conditioner but this time I am using L'Oreal Paris: Oil infused shampoo and conditioner.  

So before I jump into the shower, the trick that I do is to brush my hair so that the hair will be knot free. After that I use a luke warm water and shampoo the hair. I squeeze a lot of water as I can while treating my hair very carefully so that the conditioner that I am going to apply can absorb better. I leave the conditioner for as long as I can (usually I wash my body and shave so around 10~15 mins after) then I rinse the conditioner. The trick is to rinse the conditioner throughly with warm water and lastly splash your entire head with cold water. The reason why I do this is that the hair cuticles will open up due to steam and warm water to absorb more then close those cuticles back with a splash of cold water and this helps to support hair strength and added benefit of shiny, less frizzy appearing hair. I also use a hair oil to nourish back my hair cuticles after shower. Currently, I use hair serum from √Čtude House
After I get out of shower, I pat my hair to get rid of drippy water from hair then I let my hair air dry. Do not use heat as much as possible. That includes, curling irons, hair dryers and hair straighteners.  Another tips is to not use chemicals on the hair as possible. This includes bleaching, colouring, perming, bonding/permanent hair straightening. Try not to do all these for as much as possible. 

I hope that you find this article helpful. I had a fun time writing this for you all. I hope you enjoy this blogpost. Have a nice day or night everyone. Good night!

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