Morning Skincare Routine | September 2015

Morning everyone. My morning skincare routine consists of a few of these products and I am absolutely in love with them right now. 

I have combination skin (oily - dry skin) and a bit of acne-prone while I am stressed out or hormonal changes. I have hormonal imbalance so when that went haywire, I will have a lot of breakouts along the jaw line, chin and my left cheeks. 

My morning routine starts from the right side towards the left side. These are the steps that I always do in the morning. 

This is the steps that I do every morning. 
  • Cleansing
  • Toner / Face Mist
  • Essence
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturiser
  • Sunscreen (SPF) 
I use multiple cleansers for my face according to how my face is in the morning. If I have a lot of acne, I use either Acnes Foaming Wash  or Kiehl's Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser.

After that I dry my face with very soft and gentle towel. Then I spray the Puru Puru Mist on my face as a hydrating toner.

Then I apply the SK-II facial treatment essence. It has been my go to facial vitamin ever since my birthday since I went to their SK-II counter and I took the magic ring skin counselling on March 2015. Since then, I have been using it both day and night and I see a big difference. I have gone through 2 of 75ml bottles and this is the 3rd 75ml bottle. Since it is so expensive, I can only buy the small bottle each time.

The way that I apply is that I pat the essence with my palm even though the recommended way is to use cotton pads and swap it. I find using my palm is more effective since I do not waste the product on the cotton pad and I have all the control over the essence.   

I apply the eye-cream after the essence and I concentrate around my pre-mature fine-lines and puffiness. This eye-cream is mainly for anti-aging. I do not have dark circles so I only use this eye-cream as to treat and prevent my pre-mature fine-lines before it get worse. 

I use the St. Ives timeless skin collagen elastin moisturiser as my moisturiser both day and night. I bought it a while ago from CK (department store in Singapore that is less expensive than normal drugstore for drugstore skincare and body care products) and it was $4.50. It was so cheap that I had to go read the reviews about it and a lot of people are raving about this product. 

I use it sparingly for both my face and neck and décolletage and I use this product for both day and night. Since it is a tub, I use a cotton swap to grab the product from the packaging to prevent the bacteria from growing. Sometimes, I even use it as a hand-cream.

Okay, hang in there, this is the last step. I use SPF daily. You should use SPF every day even if you are at home. It is so important to protect from sun damage. I use the √Čtude House Sunprise Super Aqua SPF 35 with PA++

So in recap, this is what I do for my skincare in the morning. I hope you enjoy reading this post. Please feel free to ask me questions about skincare if you have any questions. 

Disclaimer: The products I mentioned in the reviews are NOT sponsored and was purchased with my own money and the opinions on these reviews are 2000% honesty and just my opinion

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