Trimester 3, 2014 results

Hey guys,

Long time no chat. I've been busy with school as usual and I just got the results back from the University of Newcastle last night for the last trimester that I attended. I was joyed thus I wanted to share it with you all <3

Basically, I got grade marks alright. I told my mother and well her reply was silence as usual. My family, they always neither compliment or complaint. They just went silence. >.<

So I got 2 Cs = Credit and 2 Ds= Distinction. Oh well, I did my best. But it was so close to getting 
D in other 2 modules as well.

Well, hope you enjoyed it.

For Disclaimer, This is NO BRAGGING or anything. I just wanted to share with my happiness to you all.

Reyar <3
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