What's on my iPad?

Hey guys,
Today I wanted to show you all what I have on my iPad! So this is the iPad 3, 16GB and wifi only and I love it to death. I won it in a lucky draw in 2012 and ever since then I use it daily. Right now it's becoming my entertainment and study tablet for me and I'm even writing this blogpost on this iPad now. It's very easy to type since it is large enough for my thick and fat fingers and its really comfortable to type on. 

So this is my lock screen on the landscape mode. Normally I use it as the landscape mode and this wallpaper is just the default wallpaper that the apple company had offered in all the iPads and iPhones.

Next I will show you what apps I use for day to day basics.

So I only have one page in the iPad since I only use it for entertainment and study stuff at home. Since its iPad 3 it's very heavy so I'm not brining this to university anymore. I only use it at home so I have quite a minimum apps that I only use. 
So I only have just a few selections that I use on my iPad. So I have photos app, App Store, iTunes, Safari those default apps that Apple came with. And I have chrome since I use it for my shortcuts and bookmarks. Then all the default apps that Apple came and then I have microsoft selection for my assignments and stuff. Then I have blackboard for my university and a few coding apps that I can learn during my free time. Then I have YouTube creator studio to check any comments and I have blogger that I am writing this blogpost on. Then I have messenger for Facebook since I only communicate with my boyfriend via Facebook. The I have Dropbox where I got all my textbooks, school stuff. Then I have my social media: Twitter and Instagram which i love so much. Then of course I have my must have: YouTube app.

These are the default apps that Apple came with the iPad. I have c&h that the comedy me and my boyfriend love so much. Then we have jewel mania game, click network app for the Singapore YouTube network, Beautylish app for inspiration. I'm obsessed with pirate kings recently. It is a simple app that you can play. I hope you enjoyed it. 

For disclaimer, this is not bragging. I'm sharing what apps are good and fun to try out. I'm also not paid to say the apps. 

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