Dior Snow-One Essential Skin Boosting Serum Review ★★★☆☆

It is very late at night but it is time to blog one story for me. It had been hectic recently with the university and YouTube and social and blogging and boyfriend... everyday was so busy. But I finally finished the exams and now back to YouTube and blogging.

Today I am going to review the Dior Snow-One Essential Skin Boosting Serum. This has been the loved skincare item for people who has concerns about wrinkles and ageing. So it is mostly anti-aging properties.
I recommended my mother to buy this since she is in her 50s now and she never used skincare products. She just washed her face and that's it! She does not even moisturise. So I told her/kinda like forced her to buy skincare products since she was in Singapore and I thought it would be best if it is serum based.

A year had been passed and her skin become more radiant and a bit less wrinkles. It is a bit cooling and non-oily even for my skin. I also sometimes use it when I got back to my home country and I really like the scent of it and how light it was on the skin.

So far my mother said she was enjoying it but a bit annoyed by the fact that she has to do extra steps. However, everybody skin needs to be taken care of and skincare is the most important for our skin and healthy diet (a bit shy to tell you all healthy diet when I am not even obeying it sometimes). 

In short, it is a very effective product if you use it continuously. The effects are slow but I guess it is worth it. It is a bit high in price but I think it is a good investment.

From my trying of this product every night for 2 weeks, I give this product 3 stars out of 5. I believe it's too strong for my skin. But it would be nice for aging skin. 

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