Affordable makeup/ $20 makeup challenge/ Daiso Makeup Review

As the photo indicates, "Beauty is about enhancing what you have!" So it's either you pay a lot of money to enhance your skin or you pay what you think it's great for your skin is much better. 

Today I am going to share what I think about Daiso products. If you don't know what "Daiso" is it's a Japanese shop that's cost very little. 100 Yen in Japan and most of the world is $2 and above. In Singapore, it's $2. It has everything from kitchen stuff to storage and even makeup, you name it, mostly they have it. 

So when I came to Singapore for the I was shocked that it's so affordable and some of the products are really good. This is only the few items that I tried out from the range and well let me spoil you, most of them, it's a HOT product. 

Okay, let's start from the beginning. 

So we have 9 products. I labeled the products by the numerical order. I won't go into details since I am planning to review them one by one.
So I will try to find the actual names in English since most of them are written in Japanese. I can only read Hiragana and some of the kanji but I am very weak in Katakana. >.<
  1. Ever Bilena Brow Powder in Brown (available in Black as well)
  2. Mascara
  3. Ever Bilena Foundation Stick in Light (available in Medium and Dark as well)
  4. Eyelash Curler in Silver (available in GOLD as well)
  5. Ellefar Hanataka Powder Nose Highlight Powder
  6. Eyeshadow in Brown (available in Pink, Grey, Blue as well)
  7. Heart ring lip gloss in Cherry Pink (available in Elegant Pink as well)
  8. Special Mix Cheek Powder in Magic Colour- more like a pinky purply shade (available in Pink Colour- more like a pink shade, Cute Colour - more like a coral shade as well)
  9. Ellefar Silk Touch Foundation in Beige10 (available in Chiffon, Ecru20 as well)
I will go more in-depth details and ratings in my other one by one reviews. Thank you so much for reading my review and I really hope this will help you in some ways. 

Disclaimer: The products I mentioned in the reviews are NOT sponsored and was purchased with my own money and the opinions on these reviews are 2000% honesty.

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