Makeup Brushes 101

Make-up is not your essential product. It is an optional item in our lives. 
But let me guess, our skin is not perfect so we need a little bit of make-up's help. 

Most of the girls and ladies nowadays, use make-up every single day. Some of the make-up items are hard to blend and now, the trend "Natural" is popular these days. People like to blend the make-up as if they were our own and we need help. That's when these adorable make-up brushes come in. There are a lot of make-up brushes in the market as well as the brands and qualities and the prices as well.
I'm not going into details about the brands and qualities and prices but in this blogpost, I'm going to share the uses of each and everyone of the brushes family. So enjoy and I hope my post help you even a little.

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