How to take a perfect selfie

A lot of people said to me, I look very different in real life and in my photos.
FYI, I don't use any editing softwares like photoshop. I only use an app called "Camera360" when I was young, which was 1 years ago.

Now I use my either Nikon COOLPIX S6600 or my normal iPhone camera without any filters. UPDATE: Now I use my iPhone 6S+ camera solely to take selfies since I rarely use my Nikon camera these days.

Today I want to share how I take selfies that looks like I got a lot slimmer and smaller and has a perfect skin. xP

The method I use is to hold up your phone/camera in 60 degrees from your eye level. Hold the camera, but not very high. You still want to look your best and cutest. 

The next thing that you need to know is your angles. Even in normal photos or camera selfies or normal selfies, it's best to know your curves, your angles and your face shape. 

Take lots of photos and experiment yourself. If you don't like it, you can always delete them. 

Have fun playing with it and I hope you enjoy my tips and tricks and I'm glad even if I could help you a little. 

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