GET THE LOOK - First day of university

University has always been tough but exciting for me. I always look forward to a new start hoping the schoolwork is a tad bit easier for the new term. My curriculum has always been a trimester based so I get very little amount of holidays. Whenever I start a new trimester, there is always this feeling of sorrow yet excited. I feel sorrow meaning my precious one week of holidays are over and it's time to face the reality. Excited because I knew I passed the previous four modules of coursework. 
When I was filming this video, I was super excited about going back to school. I woke up early, pack my bags and started filming this video. During that time, I was using my little point and shoot camera so there is no sound quality control or lighting situation going on. 

School was really fun and I have gotten a lot of workload. I'm going to share my experience on the first day of a new trimester on a new video so please stay tuned for it.

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