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SheIsReyar is an early-twenties writer, photographer, editor, YouTuber and a full-time university student. Normally goes by the @sheisreyar sign, Reyar is currently a full-time university student at University of Newcastle, Australia in Singapore campus. Studying Bachelor in Information Technology with a major in Enterprise Information Technology and Software Development and Applications, @sheisreyar also gained knowledge of how computers work, how to create programs/software and web designs and game production, she is planning to share her knowledge of programming to the readers in near future.

With a passion for anime, movies and entertainment, @sheisreyar watch extensive amount of shows and is ready to review the shows that she watched and recommend. She went through a major lifestyle change in early 2016, the year of cleansing bad habits, de-cluttered her life.

She aims to create a hub for those who aspire and hope to be inspired from her love for beauty, technology, entertainment and minimalism.

See her latest hauls and tips and tricks on her YouTube channel, her newest reviews and tips right here or see what she is up to on Instagram, FacebookPinterest, and Snapchat as "Sheisreyar."

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  1. Wow!! Love this blog site :P

    Nice to meet you again,
    I also started blogging and here is my link

    and I would like to do collab videos with you
    how about that!

    Reply me back


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