What's on my iPad?

Hey guys,
Today I wanted to show you all what I have on my iPad! So this is the iPad 3, 16GB and wifi only and I love it to death. I won it in a lucky draw in 2012 and ever since then I use it daily. Right now it's becoming my entertainment and study tablet for me and I'm even writing this blogpost on this iPad now. It's very easy to type since it is large enough for my thick and fat fingers and its really comfortable to type on. 

So this is my lock screen on the landscape mode. Normally I use it as the landscape mode and this wallpaper is just the default wallpaper that the apple company had offered in all the iPads and iPhones.

Next I will show you what apps I use for day to day basics.

So I only have one page in the iPad since I only use it for entertainment and study stuff at home. Since its iPad 3 it's very heavy so I'm not brining this to university anymore. I only use it at home so I have quite a minimum apps that I only use. 
So I only have just a few selections that I use on my iPad. So I have photos app, App Store, iTunes, Safari those default apps that Apple came with. And I have chrome since I use it for my shortcuts and bookmarks. Then all the default apps that Apple came and then I have microsoft selection for my assignments and stuff. Then I have blackboard for my university and a few coding apps that I can learn during my free time. Then I have YouTube creator studio to check any comments and I have blogger that I am writing this blogpost on. Then I have messenger for Facebook since I only communicate with my boyfriend via Facebook. The I have Dropbox where I got all my textbooks, school stuff. Then I have my social media: Twitter and Instagram which i love so much. Then of course I have my must have: YouTube app.

These are the default apps that Apple came with the iPad. I have c&h that the comedy me and my boyfriend love so much. Then we have jewel mania game, click network app for the Singapore YouTube network, Beautylish app for inspiration. I'm obsessed with pirate kings recently. It is a simple app that you can play. I hope you enjoyed it. 

For disclaimer, this is not bragging. I'm sharing what apps are good and fun to try out. I'm also not paid to say the apps. 

My new Blogging Area

Hey guys,
It's been a while since I last updated. Today I want to share with you all my working space/ blogging space/ YouTube filming session.
So I have my laptop of course. The heart of the blogging. Well I use MacBook Pro 13'' with Retina Display. Well, mine is the late 2012 version so it's a bit late but it's still functioning for me and I really love it. I have both Windows partition and Mac partition installed due to my IT major in University. Mostly I use the Mac version for my YouTubing, Blogging stuff. And my Windows for school stuff.

Beside my laptop to the left is my little wooden block with the products I am blogging each week. This week I have Daiso Cleansing water, Clean & Clear active clear acne clearing cleanser, St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter Lotion, L'Oréal True Match Foundation, Silk-n-Shine Frizz control Hair serum, Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Body Lotion and last but not least Maybelline New York the Rocket Voulm' Express Mascara.
And if you are wondering where I got my little Sweet Strawberry Tray, I got it from Daiso.

I have my camera from Nikon Coolpix S6600 camera for both my blogging photo shoots and my YouTube videos. Beside the tray, I have a bunch of pens lying around since I love doodling and for the school as well. Beside my camera, I have a SASA pamphlet and my bath and body works hand sanitiser.

And this is it. I really hope you enjoy reading it. :)

Affordable makeup/ $20 makeup challenge/ Daiso Makeup Review

As the photo indicates, "Beauty is about enhancing what you have!" So it's either you pay a lot of money to enhance your skin or you pay what you think it's great for your skin is much better. 

Today I am going to share what I think about Daiso products. If you don't know what "Daiso" is it's a Japanese shop that's cost very little. 100 Yen in Japan and most of the world is $2 and above. In Singapore, it's $2. It has everything from kitchen stuff to storage and even makeup, you name it, mostly they have it. 

So when I came to Singapore for the I was shocked that it's so affordable and some of the products are really good. This is only the few items that I tried out from the range and well let me spoil you, most of them, it's a HOT product. 

Okay, let's start from the beginning. 

So we have 9 products. I labeled the products by the numerical order. I won't go into details since I am planning to review them one by one.
So I will try to find the actual names in English since most of them are written in Japanese. I can only read Hiragana and some of the kanji but I am very weak in Katakana. >.<
  1. Ever Bilena Brow Powder in Brown (available in Black as well)
  2. Mascara
  3. Ever Bilena Foundation Stick in Light (available in Medium and Dark as well)
  4. Eyelash Curler in Silver (available in GOLD as well)
  5. Ellefar Hanataka Powder Nose Highlight Powder
  6. Eyeshadow in Brown (available in Pink, Grey, Blue as well)
  7. Heart ring lip gloss in Cherry Pink (available in Elegant Pink as well)
  8. Special Mix Cheek Powder in Magic Colour- more like a pinky purply shade (available in Pink Colour- more like a pink shade, Cute Colour - more like a coral shade as well)
  9. Ellefar Silk Touch Foundation in Beige10 (available in Chiffon, Ecru20 as well)
I will go more in-depth details and ratings in my other one by one reviews. Thank you so much for reading my review and I really hope this will help you in some ways. 

Disclaimer: The products I mentioned in the reviews are NOT sponsored and was purchased with my own money and the opinions on these reviews are 2000% honesty.

November Favorites

I finally finished exams and FINALLY I can go back to blogging and YouTube. So this will be my long waited November favourites.

I was really busy with the studies and assignments and final exams so I didn't have that much time to get ready and get dolled up for university. And November was a bad skin month and I got acnes a lot since fast food all the time, not sleeping at night, brain usage is high! (Well not related i think :P)

So these are the favourites that has been helping me. I hope you enjoy it.

Clean and Clear: Clear fairness cleanser ★★☆☆☆

Hello everyone I am in good mood for blogging so I am going to review another product. I've used it all up back in Myanmar so I am going to review what I thought back then.

Back then, my skin was oily yet the dry so I might call it "Combination". There were very little breakouts so back then I didn't know what kinda cleanser to use, and I tried it.

So I am going to tell you what the cleanser is all about.

The combination of micro-scrubbing beads and the vitamin skin’s natural pinkish fair tone while the unique micro-oil absorbing system controls oil and prevent it from returning.

Squeeze a small amount on wet palm. As you work into a rich lather, gently massage product all over face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off thoroughly. For best results use twice daily as part of your Clean & Clear clear fairness regimen for skin that's clean, clear and under control.

Water, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, PEG-8, Myristic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Lauric Acid, Synthetic Beeswax, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Polyethylene, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract, Methylparaben, Fragrance, Tetrasodium EDTA, Propylparaben, Niacinamide, Tocopheryl Acetate, BHT, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, o-Cymen-5-ol, Butylene Glycol, Cl 14700, Lilium Candidum Flower Extract, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract, Prunus Cerasus (Bitter Cherry) Fruit Extract, Cl 17200

What I think:
I think it's good for skin that is normal since it only does that I brightens the skin. However, for acne prone skin: it is not good since it broke me out. I like that it really brightens my skin but breaking out is not a good thing for me.

Rating: 2/5

Recommend: This is personal though. If you have normal skin - yes I would recommend it. However, I am not sure for the Acne prone skin since with my personal experience it broke me out.

Repurchase again: NO.

Disclaimer: The products I mentioned in the reviews are NOT sponsored and was purchased with my own money and the opinions on these reviews are 2000% honesty.

Dior Snow-One Essential Skin Boosting Serum Review ★★★☆☆

It is very late at night but it is time to blog one story for me. It had been hectic recently with the university and YouTube and social and blogging and boyfriend... everyday was so busy. But I finally finished the exams and now back to YouTube and blogging.

Today I am going to review the Dior Snow-One Essential Skin Boosting Serum. This has been the loved skincare item for people who has concerns about wrinkles and ageing. So it is mostly anti-aging properties.
I recommended my mother to buy this since she is in her 50s now and she never used skincare products. She just washed her face and that's it! She does not even moisturise. So I told her/kinda like forced her to buy skincare products since she was in Singapore and I thought it would be best if it is serum based.

A year had been passed and her skin become more radiant and a bit less wrinkles. It is a bit cooling and non-oily even for my skin. I also sometimes use it when I got back to my home country and I really like the scent of it and how light it was on the skin.

So far my mother said she was enjoying it but a bit annoyed by the fact that she has to do extra steps. However, everybody skin needs to be taken care of and skincare is the most important for our skin and healthy diet (a bit shy to tell you all healthy diet when I am not even obeying it sometimes). 

In short, it is a very effective product if you use it continuously. The effects are slow but I guess it is worth it. It is a bit high in price but I think it is a good investment.

From my trying of this product every night for 2 weeks, I give this product 3 stars out of 5. I believe it's too strong for my skin. But it would be nice for aging skin. 

Using Continuity between Mac and iOS

Apple had come out with iOS 8.1 just yesterday and OS Yosemite last week. I was really looking froward to their AirDrop files from Mac to iPhone or iPad or iPod and vice versa. However, the one thing that I was looking forward the most was the Continuity which means that you can leave your phone away and yet you can still make some calls and reply SMSs as well as you can continue your work between iOS devices.

First of all, I would like to tell you HandsOff  between Mac and iOS devices.
For example, if you are browsing in Safari on Mac, when you leave mac and pick up the iPhone, you'll see the icon showing in the left side conner of the iPhone lock screen.
Or vice versa, you'll see an icon beside the Finder on Mac. 

For the phone call, now you can make phone calls on your mac without even going to pick your phone while it's away. You can directly pick your call or make a call on your Mac or iPad. 
To get started, you need to do several things to make sure nothing goes wrong.

For Mac:
  • Must be connected to the same wifi
  • Open bluetooth
  • Must be connected to the same iCloud email
  • Must open FaceTime and log in to your iCloud email to make calls
For iPhone:
  • Go to System Preferences > General > Tick the Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud Device
  • Then you can enjoy your more productive and easier to finish your work. 
  • For more details, please click here.

September Beauty Favorites

September has already gone by and this is time for my beauty favourites of the month. 
School has been reopened and I'm an official second year university student. YAY! ^__^ However, the work load had been so much and so stressful that I couldn't been able to edit my videos more often than not. Now, I have like 20 more videos more to edit and I haven't started yet. 

The university has been a great experience. I feel more mature and I feel like I can manage my work and my studies as well as managing my grades within D (Distinction) or HD (High Distinction) {Well i'm not bragging though :3} 

Okay back to business: 

Products mentioned: 

For Body Care
  • True Blue Spa Hand Lotion from Bath and Body Works
  • True Blue Spa Sugar Care 60 seconds Hand Scrub from Bath and Body Works
  • Nevia Body whitening night serum
For Skincare
  • Little Soldier- Face cleanser
  • Acne- Acne Medicated Foaming Wash
  • Garnier- Lemon Lightening Peel-off mask
  •  Combo Skin- Tea tree mask
  • Sephora - Triple Action Cleansing Water
  • Clarisonic Mia 2

    For Make-up
    • Tarte- Amazonian Clay 12 hour wear liquid foundation
    • Real Techniques- Foundation Brush
    • Kabuki Flat top brush
    • Daiso Eyeshadow Palette
    If you want to watch my video about me talking through about these products, please do so. Since you've watching the video, Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more videos. 

    Disclaimer: So this is the boring part. The products that I reviewed are NOT SPONSORED. I bought them with my own money or I got it as a gift from my mother mostly or she is using them. 

    August Favorites

    Asian Girl Tag

    It has been a while I updated my blog and today, I want to share you my Asian Girl Tag video with you all. Hope you enjoy my tag. 

    How to uninstall Adobe Application Manager (Mac OS X)

    Credit: Softpedia

    Today I thought I will be installing adobe after effects to improve my editing skills for my YouTube videos. I installed Adobe After Effects and then these Adobe Application Manager and other related stuff was installed altogether.

     After that, I watched youtube for the tutorials for adobe after effects and decided to use just my iMovie for simple stuff and I uninstalled Adobe After Effects. Even though the software was uninstalled, Adobe Application Manager was still installed and I thought it was a virus.

     Then I researched and did everything that I could and that application manager wasn't able to uninstall. I tried uninstalling it the normal ways but then I tried this method and it worked.

    Click the "Finder" icon on the desktop, then click the "Macintosh HD" entry.
    Click the "Library" folder, then click "Application Support."
    Click the "Adobe" folder, then click the "Adobe Application Manager." 
    Drag the Adobe icon onto the "Trash" icon on your desktop. 
    Click "Finder" on the menu bar, then click "Empty Trash" to remove the Adobe Application Manager utility from your Mac. 


    Go to the "Finder" and search for "AAM". (They tried to hide it with the short form named "AAM") 
    Drag everything that ADOBE related to the "Trash" folder and Click "Empty Trash".
    Then go to the "Launchpad" and press the "Option" key for a while and you will see "X" button for the AAM application and just delete by clicking the "X" button which is deleting the application.


    I had another incident that I install Adobe again, so this time round, they went and hide into other folders. If the above does not work for you, I hope this trick might help you out.

    Click the "Finder" icon on the desktop, then click the "Macintosh HD" entry.
    Click the "Applications" folder, then click "Utilities" folder.
    Click the "Adobe Application" folder and the associate adobe installers to trash. 
    Click "Finder" on the menu bar, then click "Empty Trash" to remove the Adobe Application Manager utility from your Mac. 

    I hope it's useful for you.

    Calvin Klein Eternity Perfume Review ★★★★☆

    I am blogging right now in class so it means that I am distracted and the class is boring. >.<
    I am a bit worried about this module now. The lecturer is very talkative and most of us have no idea whether it's to be noted or just talking her experiences. Oh my!
    So I am using this time to blog and today I am going to review Calvin Klein's Eternity Perfume for women.My mother loves it a lot and since I was little, she's been using bottle by bottle and she always went back to buy the same bottle till now.
    How am I going to review you mean? I'm going to read more resources and my lifetime experiences to corporate in this review. So shall we get started?


    The packaging is so chic and pretty. It caught my eyes and it has simple yet chic design. I don't have anymore Calvin Klein products but I'm really liking this thanks to my mother.


    It claims long lasting.
    How should I explain how it smells since it's a perfume? I can't put scent in the blog for you to smell a sample. I wish next generation computers have scent and touch proof too.
    So according to Fragrantica Website the people rated the scent of the perfume as mostly floral, around 40% rated as green, less than 35% of the people rated the scent as warm spicy and so on.
    The perfume was created by Sophia Grojsman 1988.

    What I think

    From my experience, I really like the long lasting part of the perfume. I like that it's floral and has a spicy scent. If you don't like the floral scent, I believe you will not like it.

    Price- it is around $30. You can purchase here.

    Rating - 4/5

    Recommend - I really recommend it. If you don't like the floral scent, you will not like it.

    Repurchase- Yes, I will.

    BSC Compact Review ★★★☆☆

    Hello everyone,
    It's been a while that I update my blog. I've been busy with my school and my social stuff. Today I'm going to review a brand named BSC. It is a brand from Thailand and it's a bit famous in my country, Myanmar. I got a compact powder as a gift from my best friend I am going to review about it.
    Well, I got it around last year and I haven't been reviewed it for quite a while. I've been using it for a while and let me spoil you, I don't really like it that much. 
    I like the packaging. It looks really chic and I like it about that it has huge mirror. 
    Mine is the old design I believe. The new design of packaging is little and compact and portable as well. 
    Ok, let's talk about specs. I don't know you can tell specs in cosmetics but whatever, I'm rolling with it. hehe ^^

    For starters, it has great coverage. I'm really disappointed that it doesn't have a wide variety of skin tones to choose from and the problem I have with it is that the colour doesn't match me. It has a bit too dark on me which I don't like. If you like that tanned look, go for it. Everyone has their own preferences. So I'm just saying that I don't like the tanned look, if you like it, it might be great product for you.

    It claims to be giving great coverage, long wearing, SPF and do not clog pores.

    What I think:
    Well, this part is totally my experience. I tried it for a couple of months non-stop and I got a bit of breakout here and there but I'm not sure the compact powder's fault or not. I'm a bit wowed by the great coverage that it gave me. I don't need to wear foundation or concealer underneath the powder and it still gives me flawless coverage. 
    It has SPF 30 PA+++ in it. I don't know how it works so, I'm pretty neutral about sunscreens.
    For long wearing, it doesn't long wear that much. Myanmar is a very humid and hot country and we don't use air-conditioning that much because electricity is expensive so, it doesn't long wear. After 3 hours then it's already oily and the make-up moved here and there so I don't like that.
    Another thing that I don't like is that it does not have much selection for choosing the colours for my skin tone. The one that I have does not match me and I think it's really important for the foundation or powder.

    In Myanmar - Around 15,000 Kyats (16 USD)
    On Amazon - 60 USD 
    That is a very huge price difference. Well, you can check it out here.
    Great coverage
    SPF 30 PA+++
    Does not clog pores
    Not long lasting
    small variety of colours
    Not easily accessible
    Rating: 3/5
    Recommend: If you have combination to normal skin, you can try this powder out. If you have oily skin, you will need either a long lasting primer underneath.
    Repurchase: Maybe not. Because I want my foundation to match my skin and I want it long lasting.

    How to take a perfect selfie

    A lot of people said to me, I look very different in real life and in my photos.
    FYI, I don't use any editing softwares like photoshop. I only use an app called "Camera360" when I was young, which was 1 years ago.

    Now I use my either Nikon COOLPIX S6600 or my normal iPhone camera without any filters. UPDATE: Now I use my iPhone 6S+ camera solely to take selfies since I rarely use my Nikon camera these days.

    Today I want to share how I take selfies that looks like I got a lot slimmer and smaller and has a perfect skin. xP

    The method I use is to hold up your phone/camera in 60 degrees from your eye level. Hold the camera, but not very high. You still want to look your best and cutest. 

    The next thing that you need to know is your angles. Even in normal photos or camera selfies or normal selfies, it's best to know your curves, your angles and your face shape. 

    Take lots of photos and experiment yourself. If you don't like it, you can always delete them. 

    Have fun playing with it and I hope you enjoy my tips and tricks and I'm glad even if I could help you a little. 

    GET THE LOOK - First day of university

    University has always been tough but exciting for me. I always look forward to a new start hoping the schoolwork is a tad bit easier for the new term. My curriculum has always been a trimester based so I get very little amount of holidays. Whenever I start a new trimester, there is always this feeling of sorrow yet excited. I feel sorrow meaning my precious one week of holidays are over and it's time to face the reality. Excited because I knew I passed the previous four modules of coursework. 
    When I was filming this video, I was super excited about going back to school. I woke up early, pack my bags and started filming this video. During that time, I was using my little point and shoot camera so there is no sound quality control or lighting situation going on. 

    School was really fun and I have gotten a lot of workload. I'm going to share my experience on the first day of a new trimester on a new video so please stay tuned for it.

    GET THE LOOK - Romantic and Girly makeup

    Whenever I go out, I tend to do my makeup simple and fast under 15 minutes. So today, I decided that I'm going to do create the look I'm wearing for the past couple of weeks.

    Makeup Brushes 101

    Make-up is not your essential product. It is an optional item in our lives. 
    But let me guess, our skin is not perfect so we need a little bit of make-up's help. 

    Most of the girls and ladies nowadays, use make-up every single day. Some of the make-up items are hard to blend and now, the trend "Natural" is popular these days. People like to blend the make-up as if they were our own and we need help. That's when these adorable make-up brushes come in. There are a lot of make-up brushes in the market as well as the brands and qualities and the prices as well.
    I'm not going into details about the brands and qualities and prices but in this blogpost, I'm going to share the uses of each and everyone of the brushes family. So enjoy and I hope my post help you even a little.

    July Favourites 2014

    July has been a good month! I got my good results as well as my boyfriend came to visit my country and met with my mom.
    Also, July is our 1st year anniversary which was on 3rd of July as well as his birthday which is on 15th. So July has lots of fun memories. I also have lots of beauty products since I don't stop using my beauty products. So, yeah, I hope you enjoy it!!

    June Favorites

    Hello everyone, 
    I've been blogging on Tumblr as well as on YouTube a lot way before I'm using blogger. So this is my June Favorites. June had been a very unpleasant month for me. However, I still want to show my June's favorites so if you are CURIOUS, please keep on watching.

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    Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-control Toner Review ★★★★☆

    This is my Holy Grail product. I've been using this product since I was 15 years old when I started doing my skincare properly. When I run out the product, I always have another back-up in my cabinet.
    I think the packaging is pretty simple. It's just a normal clear bottle with the product inside.  

    I'm showing the small travel size because I was travelling back in the day to my home country, Myanmar.The climate was so hot and sweaty and it was very dusty so my skin was having those oily disaster. However, this product makes my skin smooth and takes away all the junk and dust from my pores.
    It claims to clean deep down to help prevent common skin problems and leaves the skin feeling clean and beautifully clear.
    It has Salicylic Acid so the toner is really good for my Acne prone skin. However, the alcohol level is pretty high so I won't recommend for those who have dry skin.
    In Singapore
    CK department store - S$ 4.90
    In Myanmar
    City Mart - 2270 Kyats
    Qoo10 - S$ 21.90
    Amazon - $ 14.50
    EBay - US $ 9.32 
    • Cleans skin
    • Control oil
    • Control acne
    • Oil-free
    • Won't clog pores
    • Contains Alcohol
    • Expensive online
    Rating>>> 4/5
    Recommend>> Yes, I will recommend it to anyone who has acne prone skin and oily skin. 
    Repurchase >> Yes! I have been using this product for a long time and this is still my holy grail product!
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