My Week in Photos (Week 13)

Last week of the trimester and everyone is rushing for the finals that were coming very soon than we expected to be. During this week, the boy had the whole week off but he had to go back to work because there were quite a lot of work for him. In my case, I had to attend to the last week of lessons, trying to ask hints from teachers. During the week, I also had high fever at the end of the week. I was annoyed at it because it was quite the fever and I wanted to get well soon.

During the middle of the week, I tried this burger place at Tanjong Pagar called Two Blur Guys and it was amazing. I especially loved the truffle fries that they made and it was out of the world.

My Week in Photos (Week 12)

This is the first time in a while that I was seeing the boy. Both of us were very busy with our respective jobs and stuff so we couldn't meet. The last time we met was to see Sakura last week and other than that one time, we couldn't meet at all. Finally, I get to see him one more time before I was busy with the remaining assignments.  

A Taste of Japan in Gardens by the Bay

Hello from Gardens by the Bay. I knew I had to visit to the Gardens by the Bay when I saw they are having Sakura trees (Cherry Blossom Trees) inside Flower Dome and now I feel like I made a right choice to go there. The flowers are beautiful to the fullest. I felt that the flowers were very precious from the moment I saw them. 
Here I am very busy with the assignments and couldn't publish as many blogposts as I would like but I knew I had to upload this just because I want to share the photos with you. Now, I know why Japanese people adore their sakura. 

Sakura「桜」, unofficial flower of Japan, is a flower that all Japanese people adore. Japanese celebrate the blossoms of the flower with the varieties and celebrations called "hanami"「花見」meaning "see the flower". Sakura usually blooms for just a couple of days and seeing the flower blooms is a tradition in Japan. 

This is the first time I've actually seen sakura and I was in awe. That's why I highly recommend you to go to Gardens by the Bay to see this precious flower if you are a fan of Japanese culture or you just adore sakura. 

Sakura is available until 24th of March at Gardens by the Bay in Flower Dome. 
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

My Week in Photos (Week 11)

This is the most stressful week of the entire month. I got two presentations in two consecutive days, another three assignment dues so I'm practically worn out. But I was excited because I knew that this is the hardest part of this trimester and I would be free for an amount of time before I have another assignment due.

Nothing exciting new happened during the week though. Just super tired for most of the days, trying to finish the assignments that I needed to do, and wearing suits for the presentations. The feedback of the presentation were good so it was worth the stress. 

I also went to Gardens by the Bay during Sakura season so if you want to see more photos that I took while I was there, head over to this blog post.
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