Apple Keynote | March 2016

21st of March, 2016 is an exciting day for an Apple fan like me since today is the day Apple Inc. has a keynote for new launches. Well, here in Singapore, the keynote is live on 22nd of March at 1AM.
I always update the keynote since iPhone 6 and I want to keep the tradition. I am not going through all the details that they keynote covers, but just the key parts of the keynote.

The keynote was started by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple as usual and he talked about the recent update to customers about the privacy and security reasons concerning the government.

Then, Apple started talking about the social responsibility and renewable energy.

I think I'll upload a lot of photos instead of me explaining each and individual one of them.

Disclaimer: The photos shown below are gotten from the Verge live blog and my screenshots from the Apple Keynote for more details.

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