My Week in Photo (Week 45)
Ohh boy, I'm enjoying my iPhone X. All the photos that you'll see here are from the back and front camera of iPhone X so I really enjoyed using it. I will leave a blogpost talking about how I thought of the iPhone X here. If you have followed me on Instagram (@sheisreyar) and my face mask Instagram (@thefacemaskjunkie), you'll know that a lot of the photos taken are from iPhone X and you'll see a jump in quality from my previous photos posted.

I just love taking photos of everything that I've seen that are ascetically pleasing for me and I tend to share them on my Instagram. This week was a pretty standard week with four days of school days while one day is mainly self-study. I was really bored at self-study so I started taking a load of selfies (I don't want to show how many I took) so I'll just put one selfie here as an example on how good the front camera is.

Meeting the bf and eating curry is still a must. No matter how many times we have eaten the CoCo curry, we just loved it so much that our wallets are crying (it's quite expensive to eat CoCo curry in SG - it costs around $18 per curry). Nonetheless, we enjoy it way too much way too often :'(
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It was a really nice week since I was finally able to rest for a while. My assignments rate has calmed down for a bit before it gets busy again. Nonetheless, I still needed to go to school and well, I kinda have fun with my friends. Another happy thing is that, the bf finally bought his own camera. After researching a lot of cameras for him, I decided to go with Fujifilm camera and boy, I was blown away by the quality of the images.

Now, I kinda want a Fujifilm camera but my Canon 70D does not need replacing so I'll just drool over the bf's camera. He tested the camera out and damn, they are so sharp and so nicely colour graded and it was really easy to use. Well, I was also able to play with the camera so I'm so pumped about taking more shots with the camera.

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My Week in Photos (Week 46)
Photography as a median
Singapore HDB

I'm always finding new ways to improve my photography, my workflow and my creative outlet. I love doing what I do and I take pleasure and honour in doing things that I love. Though it's not for everyone, I find that this is another form of communication for me as I'm not good with art like painting or drawing. So, photography is one way that I put my heart into capturing the beautiful scenes that I love. It's a form of what I see in my world with or without lens. 

I love creating beautiful imagery of my surroundings. I love beauty itself, from beautiful natural landscapes to amazing architecture buildings man-made. I love the way people are living differently and I love to capture how they live and how they interact with society. 

To me, photography has became a part of my life, capturing moments of joy and sadness. Though I don't bring my DSLR everywhere I go (trust me, I bring it to a lot of places), I have my phone camera to shoot most of the beautiful moments that I face in life. 

This blog is also the same thing. Although I don't call blogging as a passion of mine, since I only blog to further communicate the ways that I think and see, share my experiences and share the things that I love with the world. 

So, yes to my mother who once asked me this "So, you changed your hobbies from being a blogger to a photographer?" Although I call myself "a blogger", my passion lies in sharing things and create beautiful things from my world of perspective. The blog is just a median for me to share things. Again, I'm using photography as a median to share what I see in my life, little bits and pieces of my life and what my eyes see. 

I love taking photos. I take my pride taking and sharing them. I take this passion pretty seriously and I just love doing this. I may or may not work as a photographer in the future, but I can say this. I love seeing beautiful things and I want to share beautiful things with the people to enjoy and maybe inspired to go out and live the most out of their lives. 

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Omg I cannot believe that in one week, my MBA life is finishing. It also was the week of hectic with many presentations. I was also doing duo presentation with my teammate for economics and it went well. I was so not prepared for the presentation since it was confused about the timing but I think it went well. It was also the final week of negotiation stimulation so I was super nervous about it. Well, we managed to do the negotiation successfully with ups and downs so it was well worth it. I was super grateful of my teammates since they helped me a whole lot during the negotiation so, it was all worth it I guess. 

At last, the final day of my MBA uni life has came and everybody was like taking photos with the whole class so that it would be a part of our memories. I also met up with my old friend from high school and we talked a lot and took a lot of photos and it was a memorable night for me. 

I was so excited to go to Indonesia with the girls at that point. I was counting down the days to go overseas with them. I was head over heels for that trip.....

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Review: Combos Skin Tea Tree Balancing Mask
I have been using this mask for so long since 2016 when I first bought it. I got 4 packets of 10 from a buy 1 get 1 free option at SaSa beauty store. Ever since 2016, I was using these masks bit by bit and I can finally say that I'm finally finishing using up these masks. I bought the Tea Tree and Pomegranate ones since during 2016, I got quite a lot of acne and scarring on my face. Now that my face is a lot clearer and there are only occasional break outs, I don't need to use this type of sheet mask anymore.

So, let's start with the review. I quite liked this sheet mask. It does not dry out my skin since tea tree usually dries up the skin. In fact, it was quite moisturising. Though, the mask barely fits my face, it tends to dry up pretty quickly so I recommend you to use the silicon mask from Daiso to retain some of the moisture.

I put on this sheet mask for 10-15 minutes. It has a very light tea tree scent but it pretty much went away after a few minutes. I like the amount of serum that is in the packet.

So, after using it, how did I felt about this mask?

Right now, I don't have any break outs but it was extremely useful to calm my acne down during the day. Bare in mind that my acne was due to stress, unhealthy diet and hormones so it wasn't a major acne story. So I don't know how it will perform if you have cystic acne. As I mentioned earlier, my face was moisturised and I see a glow next morning.

The price was reasonable as well. I got for buy one get one free and I bought 2 packets so total I got 4 packets of face masks. It was 40 sheets of sheet masks and I paid around $24 for the 4 packets. It was really worth it. And for the price, the sheet masks performed really well so I recommend you to try it out.

So, overall, my rating is 4 out of 5. I will definitely repurchase it again when I see another buy one get one free sale from the brand. I also have other sheet masks that I bought during different sales so I need to use them up first before repurchasing it again.
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Today I would like to introduce a new segment on my blog and my brand new Instagram - @thefacemaskjunkie and review some of the sheet masks and skincare that I use to reviews. If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I love sheet masks and face masks of all sort and I try an extensive amount of face masks to help my skin regimen. Then, I noticed that not a lot of people review the sheet masks that they use so I would like to start up with this segment of reviewing the face masks that I use. 

I will try my best to review all the face masks that I can use and find and I will give reviews based on the ones that I have tried. The rating chart will be posted below.
So, let's start with this Daiso Coenzyme Q10 sheet mask. I'm okay using this mask. I love the fact that this sheet mask was hydrating to the skin. Although this sheet mask does not provide enough moisture to the skin as other types, it was quite nice to use. One packet includes 7 sheets which can be used in 7 days continuously. I tried this for 7 days and my face was more hydrated than it was just with the moisturiser.

I cannot find this mask anymore at Daiso so it was a bummer. I love how amazingly cheap this product is and how it was so affordable for me to enjoy using this product. It was S$2 for 7 sheet masks so it was so affordable!

It does not fit my face well enough to cover all my forehead and cheeks. But bare in mind that I have a very big face so... I'm not sure it's my fault or the sheet mask's fault (lol)

I put it for 15 minutes straight and the mask was not able to provide moisture for 15 minutes. It dries up pretty quickly so I recommend you to use the silicon mask to protect the sheet mask from drying up.

Anyways, it does made my skin plump and moisturised for the night. Since it was more light weight, I also tried out during the morning before applying makeup. I liked it better in the morning since it gave me enough hydration to last for the day and the foundation went on my skin more effortlessly. Although you needed to wait a bit of time for the mask to be absorbed to the skin without leaving a tacky residue but it was well worth it.

Therefore, I give it a 4 out of 5. It was nice to try as a morning mask if you have a bit of time to indulge for a better skin day. I would try it again as the mask was so affordable.

Please follow me on social media - @thefacemaskjunkie on Instagram for more face mask treats that I'm using and my usual instagram - @sheisreyar for more of my life updates.
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Review: Daiso Coenzyme Q10 Sheet Mask
My Week in Photos (Week 52)
It has been a while since I updated my Week in Photos session and I missed it. Uni has been hectic and I was not inspired to get back to blogging. But, I thought I would make up for it. So, let me talk a bit about my end-of-2017. 

Boy, how I missed writing my heart out for this blog. Well, in short, I was really having fun with my new friends during uni and it has been hectic days with them. Everyday is like an outing day for me and it was really fun being with them. Since this was the last week of the year, we had BBQ in the rain (which sucked but oh well). Nonetheless of Christmas or New Years, I was editing and editing. I shall write another blogpost all about that. Anyways, since I have finished my uni, I finally had some time to rest my brain and my body. For some reason, I'm good at keeping myself busy although I have no idea how days passed by and when I realised it, it was already January 2018. 

I really want to get back to blogging though. I want to share how my life went while passing by and I'm excited for new projects that I am going to take part in the future. So, I hope you enjoyed it and Happy New Year to you all. 

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A week has passed since my finals and I was not rested at all. I told my mother that I won't be coming back to Myanmar because I want to rest properly in Singapore. Well, let me tell you, I'm not well rested at all. Everyday was hectic. Everyday is an outing for me. There were friends who are going back to their home countries because we finished our final exams so I was so busy spending time with them before they go back. Since, they were planning not to come back to Singapore for work so I'm not going to see them for a while. I'm going to miss them but it's okay. I can always talk to them.

This is also the week where I finally decided on my next year's projects. I'm so excited about my projects which is going to happen in January 2018. I won't tell you just yet but by the time I'm writing this, I'm preparing for the project to start. Can't wait for it!
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My Week in Photos (Week 51)
My Week in Photos (Week 50)
Ahh, I finally finished my finals. It feels so good that I finished my finals! So, since I finished my finals, it was time for celebration. It was also one of my friend's birthday on the day that we finished finals so we celebrated the occasion of freedom and birthday party combined. 

It became the selfie galore for us. I'm so happy that I have decided to study MBA and I'm forever grateful that I was able to experience this happiness. I have nothing else to say but emotional to have met these wonderful people. It was a pleasure meeting them and have them in my life. 

Till the results came out, I can rest my soul and focus on what I love doing and find out what I love to work as a professional.  

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