A Taste of Japan in Gardens by the Bay
Hello from Gardens by the Bay. I knew I had to visit to the Gardens by the Bay when I saw they are having Sakura trees (Cherry Blossom Trees) inside Flower Dome and now I feel like I made a right choice to go there. The flowers are beautiful to the fullest. I felt that the flowers were very precious from the moment I saw them. 
Here I am very busy with the assignments and couldn't publish as many blogposts as I would like but I knew I had to upload this just because I want to share the photos with you. Now, I know why Japanese people adore their sakura. 

Sakura「桜」, unofficial flower of Japan, is a flower that all Japanese people adore. Japanese celebrate the blossoms of the flower with the varieties and celebrations called "hanami"「花見」meaning "see the flower". Sakura usually blooms for just a couple of days and seeing the flower blooms is a tradition in Japan. 

This is the first time I've actually seen sakura and I was in awe. That's why I highly recommend you to go to Gardens by the Bay to see this precious flower if you are a fan of Japanese culture or you just adore sakura. 

Sakura is available until 24th of March at Gardens by the Bay in Flower Dome. 
18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

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Well, today is Friday again. One week gone by so quickly that I couldn't even feel properly yet. Today for the first time in this year, I missed a video on my YouTube channel. I'll need to film again to start uploading again. Damn, I feel so overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to do. I guess, that's what Master Degree is. If you read my blogpost on my birthday, you'll know that this week was my birthday week where I reached 22 years old. I'm getting old omg. So, the boy decided to treat me a very nice dinner a day before and stayed with me the entire day on my birthday. Well, I had to go to school for the entire day on my birthday so my birthday went by pretty fast. 

There were 4 things that were exciting happened on my birthday. 
1. I passed the accounting exam! (omg I'm so happy. I still can't believe, I passed the exam. Well, it's more like the mid-term exam)
2. I got a call from mother that I can buy anything I want as a present and tell her what I buy as my birthday present.
3. I got red packet from my landlord to buy anything I like as my birthday present.
4. Everybody in my class said happy birthday on my birthday which was never happened before. 

Those 4 things made me really happy. Well, those happy things went by pretty fast because now I'm stuck with a lot of things to do by this weekend. So, I'll be back to doing my assignments when you are reading this post.  
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My Week in Photos (Week 9)
Ender's Game Review
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Let me go straight to the point before I start anything else, I love this movie. It was an amazing show to watch as I absolutely love Sci-Fi and I love the cast. So, shall we get to the review part?

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Story: 10/10
I haven't read the actual book (which I will one day, I actually have the book) but just by looking at the movie, the story line was clear, good narrated to those who have no idea about the story and it made the audience interested in one look. According to IMDB, the plot is like this -
Young Ender Wiggin is recruited by the International Military to lead the fight against the Formics, a genocidal alien race which nearly annihilated the human race in a previous invasion.
The story and how they portrayed was very futuristic. Since it was a science fiction, I can agree that most of the plots are set in futuristic way of manner. All in all, I absolutely loved the story.

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Characters/Cast: 9/10
Well, I love Asa Butterfield, Haliee Steinfeld and Harrison Ford to death (haha). I love the fact that the story does not include romance and keep it to pure action. I find that Aramis Knight who played Bean was cute but it's just my personal opinion. I think that Asa Butterfield fits the role of Ender perfectly without any doubts. If you have read my post a few days ago about The Space Between Us, you'll see that I've been watching Asa Butterfield's shows and I think that he really fits the roles of space related movies whether it is romance or action.

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Overall: 9.5/10
Well, this movie is my all time favorite. I love the story, the cast and the CGs that support the movie. It was an awesome movie for me. 

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I can't wait to read the book when I have time and I know for sure the book is in my top list of books that I want to read. Let me know what you think of the movie in the comments. 

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Dear blog readers,

When you are reading this at 12 AM, that means that I'm already 22 years old and I'll probably be getting a call from my boyfriend at the middle of the night to say "Happy Birthday" to me. Well, that's not gonna happen just so because I know him very well and he's probably not gonna call (lol)

But, nonetheless, I'm going to be 22 and for some reason, I'm so not ready to be 22. I still feel like I'm a 12 year old kid running around and studying a Master Degree. I got the whole day of class on my class so I won't be celebrating like other kids who celebrate on their birthdays and my mother will probably won't call me either just because I know she's very busy with her work. 

Again, I got the entire day of class with Accouting module and Organisational Behaviour module on the day so I'll probably need to study more often. I hope I won't get the Accounting exam results back on my birthday saying I'd fail. I hope I don't fail though. I don't want to get the bad results on my actual birthday haha

For the birthday celebration, I'll probably be eating out with the boy since I know he took leave to celebrate. Too bad Marcus, I got whole day of class when you'll be at home lazing around. But I got affirmation from him that we'll celebrate my birthday after my exams from going to Japan. Now the hard part is how will I tell my mother that we'll be going to Japan for one week?

Well, I'm excited to go back to Japan because I absolutely love Japan. This time round, I want to go to Kyoto, Nara and Kamakura which we didn't get to go last time. Let's just say that I'm excited but I need to do assignments and final exam first before I can go to Japan. 

Wish me luck!
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Happy 22 Birthday ME!
March Wishlist/ Birthday Wishlist

Happy Birthday Me! If you read my blogpost, you'll know that I reached 22 today and I'm excited. So, I'll be combining my March and Birthday wish lists together in one blogpost.

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Let's start the review.
According to Wikipedia, the plot is - 
In the near future, Nathaniel Shepard, CEO of Genesis, launches the first ever mission to colonize Mars. During the journey, the lead astronaut, Sarah Elliot discovers she is pregnant. Shortly after landing, she dies from complications while giving birth to the first human born on Mars. The father of the child is unknown. In a dilemma, Nathaniel eventually decides to keep the child on Mars and a secret, to avoid a PR disaster for his company. 16 years later, her son, Gardner Elliot, has grown into an inquisitive, highly intelligent boy who has only ever met 14 people in his very unconventional upbringing. One day, in order to find out more about his mother, he hacks into Centaur, a robot he helped build, to gain access to the ship's storage. There, he retrieves his mother's items. Among them, a wedding ring and a USB drive, from which he plays a video of her and a man in a beach house. Convinced that the man is his father, he becomes determined to find him.
Story: 9/10
I really enjoyed the story. It's a bit unusual type of love story so I really enjoyed it. However, the reason why I didn't give the story full marks is that the story line is very classic apart from the sci-fi. It lacks a spark that made the story line bring to the higher level.

Sound: 9/10
I enjoyed most of the soundtracks. I saw they were uploaded to Spotify so I have been listening some of the soundtrack while studying. I didn't really enjoy much of the songs but I really liked the instrumental music a lot. And hence, 9 out of 10.

Enjoyment: 8/10
I find that the movie is a bit draggy and slow. I got annoyed at how high expectation Gardner had for Earth for some reason that I don't really know. (hahaha) It was a good movie but it didn't made it to the top list.

Overall: 8/10
It was an okay movie to watch. The main reason why I gave an 8 is mainly because I like the main character Asa Butterfield from the famous movie Ender's Game and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Other than that, I have not much to say about the movie.

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The Space Between Us Review
3 Things I want to do but....
I was reading some blogposts from Gosia whom I totally adore, she really is gorgeous and her blogposts are always very inspiring and there I was creeping out and reading her entire blog. I came across this recent blog post that she had written called "3 Things I want to do, but... There's always a "but"" and I was so inspired to write my own version to the title.

The post kind of represented who I am currently, learning and doing things that I don't really enjoy. I have other things that I really want to do but there are several obstacles between me and things I want to do. That's why I decided to pick 3 things from a long list of what I want to do but having excuses not to do them:

  1. Read more books - I know the benefits of reading books but yet I still don't really read much. I read manga, which is kind of a book or sort?, but I don't really read much of fiction or non-fiction books as much as I should. My excuse were always I got bored while reading. Well, I did attempt to read from time to time but seems like I never really succeeded reading a proper book.
  2. Exercise - I always find excuses to do exercising which again is really beneficial for my body but tend to find myself not doing most of the time. I always say "I realllyyyy should do exercise and work out" but I almost never even start to do.
  3. Live a minimalist lifestyle - Gosia also mentioned this on her post and I can't agree more. I've already attempted minimalism and I really love how light I feel. But from time to time, I get bored of things I'm using or wearing and having the urge to buy more variations. I need to remind myself on getting back to minimalism and declutter more often.
If you have any good arguments and motivation tips that could urge me to get doing, please do give me tips. 
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Since I'm back to filming non-stop to upload every Monday and Thursday, I realize that I don't have any eye shadow palette that is not either limited edition nor recent editions. Therefore, this month, I want to buy at least one eye shadow palette from the list down below. I also have been wanting a new beauty blender but I don't have enough money to buy but I'll just put it in my list that I want to buy.

Eye shadow wise, I've been seeing a lot of makeup tutorials featuring the Sweet Peach palette or Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Either that or I'll probably buy Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes since I don't have any Too Faced palettes before and I want to try. Other than that, I found some shirts that I really like but doesn't really need but I'll just put it here anyways.

Let me know what are your wishlist for this month in the comments!
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February Wishlist
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