5 Best Shounen-Ai Mangas that You need to read ASAP
Shounen-ai mangas are getting more and more popular due to fandoms and the adaption of certain shounen-ai/yaoi (BL) anime that causes the fujoshi(girls who love BL) and fudanshi(boys who love BL) to go overboard with their imaginations. Therefore, today's topic is about my best five shounen-ai mangas that you need to read ASAP.
People tend to mistake with Shounen-ai and Yaoi/BL altogether. Shounen-ai is mostly based on the emotions that the main character felt when he fells in love with another person from same gender. Shounen-ai tends to not having sex scenes in the manga whereas Yaoi manga does. Yaoi manga are mostly for adults above 18 years old but people under 18 can read some of the shounen-ai mangas. Therefore, take caution if you are reading one.

This blogpost is a list of manga purely categorised in shounen-ai.

5.  Yamette Kudasai, Mabushii Desu 

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4. Yuki No Shita No Qualia

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3. Koimonogatari

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2. 23:45

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1. Komatta Toki Ni Wa Hoshi Ni Kike!

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These are my best of the shounen-ai mangas so far in 2017. Have you read them? Let me know!~
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This is my second movie review and I'm thrilled to talk about the xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. My last movie review was not satisfactory but I am super pumped about this one.

Today, my boyfriend and I went to see the Triple X movie. We were both fans of Vin Diesel and excited to watch this movie. Well, let's say I got sucked into the show the entire time. I normally don't really enjoy stunts that look fake but whenever Vin Diesel does it, he does it quite nicely.

I didn't understand some of the concept of this movie because I've never watched the old one before so I don't know the timeline on what happened previously. According to IMDB, the story line is that Xander Cage was supposed to be dead but he is set on collision with warrior Xiang(Donnie Yen) and his team to recover the pandora box, known to be the very powerful weapon. The plot line to me is pretty simple and easy to catch up since there is no proper back story. The story to me is that Xander Cage was called back to look for Pandora's Box and he and Xiang needed to race to get Pandora's Box.

Visuals to me is pretty normal. The things that stood out to me the most are the action stunts. Knowing Vin Diesel and Donnie Yen, they really can perform a great stunts and makes you suck into the movie. Others, pretty normal. There are some jokes that really cracked me up. All the actors preformed really well though. It's just that Vin Diesel and Donnie Yen just shined a lot in this movie. I really liked the Deepika's jokes. She is funny and can perform some action stunts pretty well. For Nina Dobrev, I find she doesn't fit with the team. My boyfriend told me that Nina is like a fried egg in the ice cream haha. Don't get me wrong, I like the way Nina performed in this show. It's just that her role doesn't fit with the team since she cannot fight properly when in danger.

Sound system wise, I really liked the soundtracks in this show. If you want to listen to the soundtracks, you can go to this site and listen to them. The song that I really enjoyed is by The Americanos called In My Foreign.

Overall, it is really good show to me. I couldn't understand all the hate this show is getting but for me, this is a good show to watch if you have nothing to watch or you really liked the first movie. My rating for this movie is 7 out of 10 because firstly, I love Vin Diesel and Donnie Yen, secondly, you can watch this show without watching the prequel and thirdly, the action stunts are really good and the music is dope.

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xXx: The Return of Xander Cage Review
My Week in Photos (Week 3)
I can't believe it's already week 3 of the year. This week, I tried making tteokbokki (Korean rice cake) and I went swimming with my boyfriend during the weekends. It was fun but I got sore muscles since I was struggling in the water a lot haha. This week was fun and now from next week, I'll have to start studying a lot often since my assignment 1 due dates are coming veryyy soon.

What's your week like? Let me know!
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It's time for my top five favourite products of 2016. I discovered the products during 2016 and I've started using diligently everyday for the past year. I absolutely love these products. So, today I want to narrow down the products and share with you what I've been loving for the past year. 

Becca Champagne Pop

During the past year, Champagne Pop is the only makeup item that I have been using daily non-stop and I'm in love. One fact is that I love Jaclyn Hill and another, it really makes my skin glow. I'm absolutely in love with this product and I'll be continuing using this product till it is finished. 

Jimmy Choo Perfume

Another product that I put in my monthly favourites a lot. I cannot explain how good the scent is. It smells very nice with a hint of sweet yet spicy with floral nodes in. I highly recommend you to go to Sephora and give a good sniff. I also have the roll-on version as well. That's how much I love this scent.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm

I tried it once at Sephora and I was amazed by how good the product worked on my lips. My lips survived the eight hours of horrible airplane ride aka desert for my lips. It moisturised my lips amazingly and I was shocked to see that my lips were not chapped whenever I applied this lip balm. The price is a bit high but it is a very good investment I think. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Ahh, Kiehl's... I still cannot spell the brand name properly. I feel really bad though. It's because I have been writing about it, talking about it non-stop. I should at least spell the name properly already. I read the reviews that some people didn't feel a difference after using this product. I don't think so though. Well, I feel that you can't see that much of a difference but my skin is definitely radiant, supple and hydrated whenever I use this product in the evening routine. The price is high but I really like this product. If you go to the counter and ask for the sample, they are more than willing to help you and give you the sample to actually try it out if you are on a budget but wants to try the product. 

Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

Organic Rose Hip Oil is very good for uneven skin tones, scars and it has loads of vitamins for anti-aging and moisturising properties. My skin looked more radiant whenever I use this product and it quickly became one of my products that I can't live without. Since Sukin is a drugstore brand, mainly can be found at Watsons, the price is affordable. Highly recommend you to try it out and your skin will thank you for it. 

So, these are my top five products of 2016 that I can't live without. What are your favourite products that you can't live without? Let me know!
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Top 5 Products of 2016 that I can't live without
Where to find plus size clothing in Yangon
I'm definitely a newbie when it comes to clothing and fashion styling. I'm more of jeans/pants and a t-shirt kind of person and I definitely don't have good sense in style to talk about on my channel and on my blog. That's why normally my blog is mainly considered as a lifestyle blog where I talk about lifestyle and some beauty stuff, reviews of movies and anime that I'm watching and my travel photo diaries. But today, I really want to talk about where to get plus size clothing in Yangon, Myanmar since I was born/grew up in Yangon and finding plus size clothing is really difficult to find in Yangon rather than in Singapore.

When it comes to clothes shopping in Yangon, I mainly go to Taw Win Centre or Junction Square where there are several different fashion stores that sells plus size items. So, today, the shops that I mainly go to in Yangon are shops from Taw Win Centre or in Junction Square but mainly in Taw Win Centre.

Pretty Lady

This is the shop I mainly buy my jeans from and I always go back to the shop because of their quality and affordability. The jeans that they sell are good quality and they are very affordable. I recommend you wash the jeans beforehand because of the dye but other than that, the quality itself are outstanding. The size that I always for myself is 34 and they have loads of sizes for most of the plus sizes bodies. 
Pretty Lady
Address: #2080, level 1, Taw Win Centre, Yangon
Phone: 09-7300 9803, 5107698, 5104247

GGYY & M21

I love purchasing clothes from this shop. If you have a certain style, this shop may not be appeal to you. My mother like those Taiwan fashion where there are quite a lot of laces with loads of jewel for more outgoing looks. Pricing is around midrange and the quality is good.
GGYY & M21
Address: #3003, Level 2, Taw Win Centre, Yangon, #2084, Level 1, Taw Win Centre, Yangon
Email: ggyy.win@gmail.com

XXL Fashion

XXL fashion is the fashion store in the basement where it has more of clothes that I really enjoy. Their clothes are young, hip, and easy to style since most of them are casual wear clothing. They also have pants and jeans but I love buying casual clothes from them.
XXL Fashion
Address: #B005, Basement 1, Taw Win Centre, Yangon


Estrella is another shop that has clothes for all generations. It has clothes for youngsters like me and clothes for my mother's age. My mother loves to shop in this shop where she bought quite a lot of her clothes that she wore during her trip to Singapore.
Address: #2029, Level 1, Taw Win Centre, Yangon
Phone: 01-8600111(Ext: 2029), 09 2640 9080 540, 09 7830 9554

Royal Princess

Well, this is the only store my mother always buys her clothes for the past few years. She seems to really enjoy clothes from this shop and to be honest, I'm not very keen on the style. But I just want to share that this shop also sells plus size clothing. The style that Royal Princess sells is more of a Taiwanese Fashion where I enjoy more of a laid back casual fashion so I don't really buy from this store that much. But, whenever my mother goes shopping, this store is the first shop she always goes and she really enjoys the fashion from Royal Princess.
Royal Princess
Address: #3018, Level 2, Taw Win Centre, Yangon
Phone: 01-8600111 (Ext: 3018), 09 5019445, 09 4931 5624
So, these are my findings on plus size clothing in Yangon, Myanmar. If you know more of where to find plus size clothing, please comment down below. Let me know where I can find plus size clothing in Singapore if you know any.  
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As I'm writing this post, I'm in the class for Managing Under Uncertainty learning about the Eight Stage Decision Making Process Model and our lecturer talking about the assignment that will due in a few weeks. See how much I'm paying attention to the lecture. Knowing myself, I still haven't started any kind of assignments that is available which is like all the modules.

Having a three month gap after I have finished my Bachelor Degree waiting for my certificate and my graduation ceremony, I had a pleasure of procrastinating and watching anime day by day. That comes with a certain problem of me getting very lazy and forgetting my studies from my lectures previously.

I want to have a fresh start when doing my MBA starting from January and I want to start doing certain things that I couldn't do during my Bachelor days. There is only one problem. I'm the laziest person that I've ever encountered in my life and I lose interest very easily. So, I'm not sure how I will survive my one year of university studying a Master degree on my own.

That's why I want to have some simple university resolutions to help me study things properly and hopefully have good grades on my own without relying on any other people.

Never miss a class

I have a tendency to miss classes whenever I don't feel like going on the day so my attendance during my Bachelor years were always in red. I always get warning letters from school that I miss school a lot. So, this year, unless I'm getting hospitalised, I want to go to classes everyday and just listen to teacher(which I'm not doing that properly now haha)

Start the assignments early

I'm always the type who write their assignments last minute. My record for doing my assignments last minute was starting one 2000 word report 4 hours before the deadline. FYI, I managed to finish that assignment in 4 hours and I got a Credit on that assignment. 

Read the textbooks

I never really read the textbooks during my Bachelor degree. It's not really required to read textbooks then. Now, it's required to read textbooks since textbooks explain much more details and examples for us to understand.

So, this is my university resolution. I didn't add anything else unrelated to studies such as spend less money or interact more with people because even though it is part of my university life, it is not part of my studies. I got this idea form Erin's post about her college resolutions and decided to write something in my own way.

What's your plans for your university/school resolution? Let me know! 
I would love it if you follow me on Bloglovin'.
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University Resolutions | What I plan to do for my Master Degree
Assassin's Creed Movie Review
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This will be my very first movie review and I'll try not to spoil anything for you to enjoy. The opinions are solely my own and I was excited when I watched it and then I blog/review about the outcome whether I enjoyed it or not.
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Today, I got class during the afternoon and normally my boyfriend is at work. But today, he took medical leave due to coughing and sneezing non-stop. He waited me at school to eat dinner together and for some reason, we ended up watching Assassin's Creed movie at Film Garde Cineplex at Bugis+.
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To be honest, I wasn't that excited to watch this movie because I never really play the game and don't know the plot. But, I heard from my friends and the hype they had so I decided to give it a go. Well, the outcome.....

Not that great actually. The worst thing was that I fell asleep during the movie. I'm the type of person who never really fall asleep during movies, no matter how tired I am.

The plot line was so jumbled. It contains a lot of raw information that is not being translated well for the audience to understand well. It was like a recap of all the chapters into one movie. If I knew the plot line and played the game, maybe I'll like it more but since I was a mere amateur to this movie, I couldn't comprehend the situation quite well.

For the visual and CG effects, the only thing I didn't like was on the lighting situation. The movie gives off dark, gloomy and muddy situation where it looked like they used a lot of smoke and "yellow tint" to make the atmosphere more dramatic and gloomy.

For the sound system, I really liked the music that they had. They used a lot of dramatic orchestra music and I really enjoyed it. It was super loud and dramatic so if you don't like loud music, you might not enjoy the sound effects.

Overall, I couldn't understand the message they were planning to tell, there were holes in the plot that needs to be fixed, I couldn't understand why the director focuses a lot on the flying bird and it seemed like they used the flying bird as a transition from one scene to another on purpose. The sound effects are good for me so overall, it was a normal okay show. I give this show around 5.5 out of 10 and if you want to watch it, I put the trailer below for you to enjoy.

Did you watch Assassin's Creed? or Did you play Assassin's Creed before? If so, what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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