My Week in Photos (Week 14)
Week 14 is a very calm week. I was reunited with Naruto and started watching all the Shippuden episodes even though I had exams coming the following week. This is also the week I cut my hair very short and I didn't regret cutting my hair. Well, it was an uneventful week just me watching Naruto, study a bit then go back to watching Naruto. 

My fever was finally getting better and I have some energy for going out with the boy. Nothing eventful though. He was also really busy with his work and me watching anime was more important than going out during that time. 
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Last week of the trimester and everyone is rushing for the finals that were coming very soon than we expected to be. During this week, the boy had the whole week off but he had to go back to work because there were quite a lot of work for him. In my case, I had to attend to the last week of lessons, trying to ask hints from teachers. During the week, I also had high fever at the end of the week. I was annoyed at it because it was quite the fever and I wanted to get well soon.

During the middle of the week, I tried this burger place at Tanjong Pagar called Two Blur Guys and it was amazing. I especially loved the truffle fries that they made and it was out of the world.
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My Week in Photos (Week 13)
My Week in Photos (Week 17)
Yessss! Time for Indonesia.
The boy and I decided that we would go to Batam, Indonesia instead of going Japan since we don't have the budget to go Japan currently.
Before going Indonesia, we decided to celebrate my finishing the finals and we went to Nicolle Highway MRT to go to Golden Mile Complex aka Little Thailand to enjoy Thai food and this famous store for lava bread and tarts. We ordered Cheese lava bread and double cheese tart which costs $1.80 each from Mr. Baguette. It tastes amazing so I highly recommend you to try it out.
And, it's time for Batam. I'll publish a brand new post all about my travel to Batam very soon so stay tuned for that.

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This is the first time in a while that I was seeing the boy. Both of us were very busy with our respective jobs and stuff so we couldn't meet. The last time we met was to see Sakura last week and other than that one time, we couldn't meet at all. Finally, I get to see him one more time before I was busy with the remaining assignments.  

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Something New
I have been thinking of starting something with my website but I have no idea about what to start. I want to try wordpress but I've always been a blogger girl and I find it comforting to write on blogger. A lot of people recommend me to get a but I don't want to pay for it and care about how much space left and all that since I really like to share my visuals on my blog. Well, the main reason is that I don't want to spend money on the website because I'm not adding the advertisements and generate money and I'm totally not earning a single cent from my blog.
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But as you can imagine, I'm the type of person who cannot stay still with one thing. I like a lot of things and I can't simply just do one thing.
"I have to do multiple things!" my greedy brain says.
Well, I have an urge to do a lot of things but
"Can I manage it?" my heart whispers.
I have no idea but I really want to try!
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So, since I'm still in the middle of the final exams of the first term, I still need to study! I'll be trying something new after the exams. Also, I can't wait to go to Indonesia with the boyfie since it's been a while we go on a trip together. Can't wait for the exams to be over!
Reyar, signing off. Thanks for reading!
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With the final exam in a few days, I can't seem to concentrate my studies and I started watching Naruto just for fun. Then after 2 days later, I realized that I made a huge mistake. My finals start on 11th of April and I haven't started studying and today is already 7th of April. (sigh) WTF is wrong with me.
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Anyways, I started watching Naruto Shippuden and I couldn't stop. Naruto is so cool and I got swiped with the amount of episodes Shippuden had.
I didn't finish all 500 episodes though. Since I knew it has a lot of filler episodes so I only googled what I really wanted to watch which was the Great Ninja War and of course the famous wedding.
Of course, Hinata and Naruto is so cute that I even put one of the photos below as my wallpaper on my phone. They are so cute together. I've been browsing through the fanarts that a lot of people had drawn and I've been falling in love with the two. 
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Well, I couldn't find any trailer for Naruto Shippuden, so I'm just going to insert the Naruto the Last movie's trailer. 
PS. the movie is one of my favorite too. 

see you after exam! Wish me luck!
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Anime that I have been obsessed with this few days
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